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Here is one of the most common misconceptions about the RMV permit test - all questions on the exam are common sense and you don't need to study for it.  Yeah, right, wouldn't that be a hoot?  Sadly, nothing could be further from reality, failure rates for the exam speak for themselves - more than 50% of those who visit the RMV to take the exam for the first time go home without a permit, but with a huge blow to their ego, after failing the exam miserably.  We are here to tell you that you do not have to go down that road, you have all the tools you need to pass the RMV test the first time you take it right here in front of you, this Mass RMV practice permit test being just one step of many, the step that takes you a bit closer to nailing the exam! 

Students who have already taken a practice permit test or two on the website won't need much explaining on how to use the quiz, so here is just a quick overview of the features you have access to.  The exam consists of 20 questions that cover a broad range of driving rules and road signs.  Of course, it is impossible to fit ALL of the real Massachusetts permit test questions into a single practice test (the reason why we have many exams, instead of just a single one), but we are trying to keep our quizzes balanced, every one of them covers as many different written test topics as possible.  Negotiating curves, highway driving, defensive driving, sharing the road with motorcycles, traffic signals and road signs - these are just a few things you need to be adept at to pass this RMV practice test for MA.  We don't believe in practice permit tests that make you finish the entire exam before displaying the right answer - there is really limited use to those, and this is why this practice permit test MA quiz will show you whether you have answered a question correctly immediately after you pick one of the options.  Don't worry if you making too many mistakes at first, it happens to the best of us!  Just make sure you read through the helpful explanations that pop up every time you choose an incorrect answer, they really do a wonderful job at helping you memorize the answers faster! Once you are done with the entire Mass RMV practice test, review all of the questions you have missed and check your overall grade!  If you answered 18 questions or more correctly - you've done a wonderful job and you are fine to move on to the next practice quiz!  Don't worry if you are not quite there yet - just hit this MA RMV permit practice test once again and watch your grades improve!

There is one more thing.  Remember those MA permit test questions you couldn't answer, so you had to pick a random choice and hope for the best?  Well, no more!  We have designed a number of study aids that will help you answer any troublesome question!  Whenever you find yourself high and dry, just use our hints to help you find the right answer! Hints provide you with additional information on the question, gently steering you in the right direction, without being a dead giveaway!  Try and ponder over the hint for some time and if you still cannot pick the best answer, hit the 50/50 button!  This weapon of mass-destruction will immediately eliminate two incorrect answers off the screen, leaving you with a simple task of choosing the right one among the remaining options!  Make educated decisions, not random choices, it is easy with our 2020 Massachusetts RMV practice test!

Enjoy this free Massachusetts RMV practice permit test (MA) 2020 and don't forget to write back once you pass the real exam! Good luck at the office!