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A little bit of Mass permit test trivia.  Did you know that more than a half of those who visit the RMV to take the Massachusetts permit test for the first time go home empty handed?  It's hard to believe, but it's true - more than 50% of students fail the learners permit test the first time they take it.  To be honest, they fail the test long before they even get to the RMV office, they fail the exam when they choose not to study for it, when they make a decision not to take a single MA learners permit practice test.  For some inexplicable reason, a large number of people believe that driving rules is something they already know, without ever taking an effort to open a drivers manual.  The hard truth usually comes in the form of a "FAILED" sign on the screen of the RMV computer, a sure sign that more study hours are required before they can re-apply for an MA learners permit.

Fortunately, you don't have to go down that road, as you have a perfect opportunity to prepare for the RMV permit test with the help of this free Massachusetts learners permit practice test!  The practice test contains 20 multiple choice questions on traffic signs and road rules, questions that cover a wide scope of different topics and aim at providing you with a reasonable overview of the real exam (we can't really fit all of the permit test questions that we have into a single practice permit test MA quiz, so be sure to check out all other sample tests we have prepared for you). The learners permit test is graded as you go through the exam and you see whether you have made the right choice as soon as you answer a question.  Whenever you happen to make a mistake (it's sad, but it happens), the practice permit test will highlight the right answer for you and display a detailed explanation for that answer.  We know that you may be tempted to skip these explanations and go through this MA learners permit practice test as quickly as possible, but we strongly recommend that you pace yourself and read them.  Skimping on reading these details about the discussed driving rules and road signs will lead to you wasting even more time, as it will take more passes at the exam to memorize the answers.  Trust us, you stand a much higher chance of nailing the real test if you buckle down and spend an extra minute of reading these couple of lines of text!

While you can certainly have as many goes at this 2019 Mass RMV learners permit practice test as you wish, we suggest that you keep working on it until you can consistently answer at least 18 sample questions correctly each and every time.  We know, this grade is somewhat higher than the one you are required to achieve at the RMV in order to walk out with a learner's permit, but you must remember that this is a practice test and your goal is to cover as many different driving rules and road signs as possible before you test your luck at the office.  Besides, you really don't want to be walking that fine line between passing and failing, when one unanswered question means a repeat visit to the office.  An extra minute invested into this learners Massachusetts permit practice test can save hours of time on commuting to the RMV. 

Looking to increase your chances of passing the exam the first time even more?  You have two steps that need to be taken! Number one - complete each and every free learners permit practice test MA quizzes you see on the website.  Number two - read the official Massachusetts permit book, the book you may also know as the drivers manual or drivers handbook.  We know that most students choose not to use the manual and they make up hundreds of reasons to justify that, when there is only one fact you need to consider when making a decision of whether or not you should study it: your entire learners permit test is based on the rules outlined in that book!  Every learners permit question - in the book!  Every learners permit rule - in the book!  Combine reading the manual and taking this free Massachusetts learners permit practice test and you end up with the ultimate written test study guide!  Do not miss this opportunity simply because someone told you that they have not read the book and still passed! 

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