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Another great online permit practice test for Massachusetts is finally here!  Twenty awesome multiple choice questions that cover all aspects of driving and bring you closer to passing the RMV test the first time! 

The reason why so many first-time applicants fail the Massachusetts permit test the first time they take it is quite simple - they don't study enough.  Although the permit test is not exceptionally hard, it does require you to invest some time into learning the rules of the road, road signs and basic driving safety tips.  One of the biggest problems for those preparing to take on the RMV is locating the right study materials and concentrating on things that really matter. 

Take the official 2019 RMV drivers manual as an example.  This permit book is 150 pages long, but do you need to read and memorize all of them?  Absolutely not! You only need to know the rules presented in chapters 2 - 5, which cuts the amount of information you need to go through in half!  This is why using appropriate permit test study aids and guides is so important, you don't get overwhelmed and you save hours of time!

Practice quizzes, such as this free Massachusetts permit practice test, are probably the best study aid you can get your hands on when it comes to preparing for the RMV visit!  Not only do they provide you with "real life" experience and show you what the real permit exam is like, but they also offer a new fun and entertaining way to learn road rules and traffic signs!  When you are entertained, you stay focused for longer and learn faster, there is really no better way to study!

This 2019 permit practice test for MA consists of 20 interactive multiple choice questions with images.  The practice quiz is graded as you go through the exam, you will see whether you are right or wrong immediately, you don't have to wait until the end of the test to find out how you did.  All questions are based on the official driver's manual and we advise that you keep the book open as you go through the test.  If you cannot answer a question - try to locate the answer in the book.  We also recommend that at the end of the permit practice test you review all your answers, check if there is any problematic area you need to concentrate on and review all corresponding chapters in the permit book.

While this online Mass permit practice test is frequently used to gauge one's readiness for the real exam, its primary purpose is to help you learn the rules.  This is why every question has a detailed explanation that comes up every time you miss a question.  If you stumble upon a particularly hard question, make sure to use HINTS and the "50/50" option, the helpful aids we have prepared for you.  Clicking the HINT button will provide you with additional details about the question, use this option first.  If you are still not sure what the right answer is, you can use the "50/50" button and remove two incorrect answers from the page, making it much easier to pick the right one! Remember, though, these are study aids and you won't have them at the RMV when you turn up for the real exam, don't rely on them and make sure you actually learn the rules!