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We are glad to present you with yet another awesome study tool that will take you one step closer to passing the RMV permit test on your first visit - an official 2019 Massachusetts RMV Cheat Sheet! Hundreds of permit test questions on road rules and road signs, helpful hints and explanations designed to make learning fast and efficient!  And while we are not advising you to not read the RMV permit book, we can definitely say that our free MA RMV cheat sheet is better! It's more fun, straight to the point and will get you your learner's permit in no time!

Most DMV cheat sheets you will find out there will either be just regular practice exams or will show you a huge list of questions with answers (often not state-specific and not applicable to the real Massachusetts permit test) you are left to memorize.  We wanted to build something new, something fun and this is how this RMV cheat sheet came to be!

This online MA permit test cheat sheet is largely based on another practice permit test, our Massachusetts permit test simulator.  There is one crucial difference, though, that sets them apart.  The permit test simulator was designed to mimic the real test, to allow you to submerge into the experience and due to this fact, it will not allow you to use any study aids during the test, it will not provide you with any guidance, it is just you against permit test questions.  The RMV cheat sheet, on the other hand, encourages you to make the most of all study aids we have on the site, its main purpose is to help you learn the rules and so we urge you to use these study aids as much as you can and cheat the brains out of the system! Everything else is essentially the same: just like the Simulator, this free permit test cheat sheet has the same number of questions as the real test, the grading system that is being used by every RMV office and, just like the real exam, it is built around the official Massachusetts drivers manual (that's right, the very same book used by the RMV when they test you at the office!).

The RMV cheat sheet consists of 25 multiple choice questions, each question having four possible answers.  Only one of these answers is correct, if you believe than one answer is right, choose the one that fits best.  Questions are scored immediately and you do not need to wait till the end of the exam to find out how you did (really, we hate practice permit tests that make you wait till the end of the test before you are graded).  

Now, let's get to the fun part - how do you actually cheat on this practice permit test for MA?  There are two ways you can do that: either by choosing to receive a hint or by hiding half of incorrect answers from the question.  We advise that you always use the hint first and read it carefully.  If that does not help, hit the "50/50" button and pick one of the remaining answers!

Remember that this Massachusetts RMV cheat sheet was built as a study resource and a confidence booster, you should combine it with reading the drivers manual and taking other practice tests on this website.  Once you believe you are prepared for the exam at the RMV, make sure to visit our Mass practice permit test simulator at least a few times (we expect that by now you should score 90% or above every time you take the test),  it will help you determine whether you are truly prepared.  If you are not satisfied with your scores, feel free to spend another day or two reading the handbook and taking other practice tests on the site!