Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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We could go on and on for hours, talking about how important it is to study road signs for the Massachusetts permit test, but you already know that, right?  This is why we are not going to waste any time on that and will get straight to the point! 

The MA RMV practice test is extremely easy to operate, especially if you have taken regular practice quizzes on the site previously (if you have not done that yet, we recommend that you do a quick warm up and complete at least one regular MA practice permit test on road signs before you start working on this exam).  The format of the test is exactly the same - you get 20 multiple choice questions on road signs every time you take the practice permit test, all questions have three or four possible answers, the test is graded on the go and see the correct answer for every question you complete.  Here is something that is different - MA permit test questions will change every time you begin the practice test!  This MA DMV practice test uses a completely different approach to selecting permit test questions for the exam: it is connected to a large knowledge base and it draws random questions on permit test signs from that knowledge base to provide you with a custom practice quiz every time you sign into the page!  This is extremely different from regular Massachusetts practice permit tests that utilize a fixed set of questions every time and simply rotate the order of those questions, shuffling them around to make sure you are staying attentive.  This is really the ultimate practice test on MA road signs, the one you should take once you've built up some driving skills with the help of the regular exams!

How do you get the most out of this Mass RMV permit test?  You combine it with reading the official Massachusetts drivers manual!  You would be particularly interested in pages 83, 84 and 85, since they contain printable Massachusetts traffic signs study sheets!  Simply download the pdf file to your computer, print it out and post it somewhere where you can see it as frequently as possible!  This kind of constant visual reminder will help you memorize the shapes and colors of the signs much faster!  Using these study sheets together with the free Mass RMV practice permit test is really the best way to study road signs and ensure that there won't be anything you can't handle during the real exam!