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Are you hoping to take your commercial driving learners permit test in the District of Columbia? Our DMV CDL practice test for Washington DC can help you! You might have noticed there are several free CDL practice tests on our website; three of these have been designed to help you with different stages of your study journey as you get ready for the CDL permit test, the others are built to assist you with any endorsement exams you need to take. If you’ve only just started studying for your commercial driving license tests, you do not need to be concerned with the endorsement exams at the moment.

The first theory exam you will be faced with is the DC CDL general knowledge test for 2020, which all commercial driving students must pass before they can start taking driving lessons or consider which endorsements they may need. The 2020 DMV CDL practice test for Washington DC on this page specifically targets the CDL general knowledge exam. It is the ideal DC CDL practice test for beginners as the number of CDL general knowledge questions and answers is limited to 20, unlike the real exam which will feature 50. Don’t worry, we do have other CDL practice quizzes on our website which include the full 50 multiple-choice questions, as completing a full-length test will be a vital part of your later test preparation. Though at this stage, you should stick with this introductory quiz to ease you into the process gently.

Feeling a bit confused about the endorsements and where they fit in to the commercial driver licensing process? Endorsements are essentially “add-on” qualifications for your main commercial driving license; you may need to obtain one or more endorsements before you can start driving professionally – it depends whether your chosen driving job requires any specialist knowledge. If you’re aiming to become a Class B or Class A commercial driver, there will be certain mandatory endorsements you need to take that are associated with these medium and heavy-weight vehicles. Some of the other endorsements you may choose from include HazMat, which qualifies you to transport hazardous materials; Tank, which you would need for carrying liquids in a tank-truck; and Passenger, which is a requirement for any driving role which involves passengers. You get the idea!

So, the CDL general knowledge Washington DC exam does not reference any material that is specific to a type of vehicle or driving job. Instead, it focuses on knowledge that is relevant to all commercial drivers. For instance, vehicle control, seeing, communicating, shifting gears, road signs, road rules, safety procedures, fires, vehicle inspection, distracted driving, dealing with road rage, mountain driving, and many other similar topics will all appear on the exam. This DMV practice permit test DC quiz also draws on these topics. You will need to have some understanding of this material before you can get much benefit from using this quiz, which is why you should start reading the Washington DC CDL general knowledge study guide as soon as possible. Everything you need to know is explained in easy-to-understand language in this manual, it should serve as the back bone of your study plan.

This Washington DC CDL practice test features some helpful support tools, brilliant images and requires the same 80 percent score for a pass as the real CDL general knowledge exam. In this smaller quiz, that percentage equates to 16 permit test questions answered correctly.

Why not test your knowledge now? Our handy quiz should take less than five minutes to complete!