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Adding a Washington DC doubles and triples endorsement to your Class A commercial driver’s license will allow you to drive combination trucks towing more than a single trailer. As with every other CDL license endorsement, acquiring this qualification means studying endorsement-specific material in the permit test study guide and sitting a DMV written test. The CDL doubles and triples practice test for DC drivers we offer on this page is designed to prepare you for the doubles and triples endorsement exam! Free CDL practice tests like this quiz can be a great asset when studying for any DMV permit test, if used in conjunction with the DMV handbook. The doubles and triples section of that manual details everything you must know to pass the T endorsement permit test, while our 2020 DMV practice test for Washington DC endorsement applicants offers an opportunity to apply that knowledge practically, before taking a chance on the real written assessment.

The doubles and triples information in the permit book exclusively relates to combination vehicles with multiple trailers; whereas general combination vehicle information is contained in the Combination Vehicles section. All aspiring double and triple-trailer vehicle drivers should study for and pass the District of Columbia CDL combination test prior to further specifying their commercial driver’s training with the doubles and triples permit test. Don’t worry if you have yet to pass this initial Class A endorsement assessment, as the ePermitTest.com DC combination CDL practice test targets that exam and can help you prepare.

On top of our Washington DC CDL combination practice test, you will need our Class A and Class B practice test for the Air Brakes endorsement exam. Every Class A driver must obtain an Air Brakes endorsement, as all modern vehicles within this class are required to use an air braking system by law. It is possible that aside from these two endorsement quizzes and our DC doubles and triples practice test 2020 quiz, there will be other permit test quizzes from the website that you need. This will depend on the type of load you intend to transport and can be figured out at a later date, once the mandatory endorsement tests are out of the way. If you are totally new to studying and have not yet taken any DMV written tests, we recommend using our Washington DC CDL general knowledge practice test to get ready for the initial, general knowledge examination.

As soon as you are certain that the DC CDL doubles and triples test is the next in line on your road to becoming a fully-qualified Class A commercial driver, you can factor this quiz into your learning plan and begin using it at regular intervals alongside the permit book. Our team have taken care to include CDL doubles and triples test questions and answers from Washington DC exams which encompass aspects of every topic explored in the permit test study guide. The DC doubles and triples endorsement practice test will challenge your knowledge of trailer coupling and uncoupling procedures, roll-over prevention, managing the “crack the whip” effect, vehicle inspection and many other vital issues.

Every individual question will be listed with several possible permit test answers, just as will be the case during the actual doubles and triples permit test. Once you have entered a response, the quiz will grade your answer immediately and show you which of the remaining answers was truly correct if you make a mistake. We do not restrict the number of times a student can use this doubles and triples CDL practice test for Washington DC applicants – you are free to complete it as many times as it takes to be completely happy with your score!