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Our Alabama combination CDL practice test will come in handy when you need to prepare for the Class A Combination Vehicles permit test. This DPS written test is only necessary for aspiring commercial drivers who hope to attain a Class A license, as all combination truck-trailers fall into this higher weight-category. There are other permit tests you will need to pass before sitting the Alabama CDL combination test, though if you wish to drive a combination tanker vehicle, a livestock transportation truck, a tractor-trailer with single or multiple trailers, a flat-bed or an articulated passenger bus, it will be a vital part of your CDL assessments. As with all DPS written exams, your chances of passing the combination vehicles test can be greatly improved by dedicating a portion of your learning time to working on a DMV CDL practice test for Alabama drivers.

The Alabama CDL combination practice test accessed from this page has been cleverly designed to prepare you for the real permit test in two ways: showing you what kind of questions you will be faced with at the DMV test center and giving you a tool with which to make certain your knowledge of the essential Combination Vehicles test subjects is sound. We have achieved this with greater success that any other free CDL practice tests you might find online, simply by prioritizing the inclusion of legitimate permit test questions and answers. Real CDL combination test Alabama questions taken from genuine exam papers make up much of the content on this quiz, while also being the basis for any new questions we design with the help of our in-house experts. Just as will be the case when you sit the real permit test, each question on our CDL combination practice test for Alabama students is multiple-choice or “true or false”, with only one of the listed answers being correct. Unlike the real permit test, you are free to take as many attempts as you like to answer the questions on this quiz correctly as there is no charge for using it – no matter how many re-sits you have.

It is wise to deal with each of the DPS written tests separately, as it is remarkably easy to confuse information from different qualifications and jeopardize your chances of earning a pass. Therefore, you should only begin using this Class A license Alabama practice test to study for the Combination Vehicles endorsement having already passed the DMV general knowledge test 2020 exam. Regardless of the type of commercial driving role you ultimately intend to apply for, passing the Alabama CDL general knowledge test at the beginning of your journey is compulsory. Once you have dealt with that assessment with the help of our CDL general knowledge practice test for Alabama learners, you are free to apply for either of the two mandatory Class A license endorsements – of which Combination Vehicles is one. As all Class A vehicles are equipped with an air braking system, every applicant aiming for this class must also acquire an Air Brakes endorsement.

It takes just a couple of clicks to fire up with Alabama DPS CDL combination practice test and find out what kind of questions you will be asked during the exam! Everything included in the Combination Vehicles study material in the permit test study guide is represented on this 2020 permit practice test, from skid prevention and crossing railways, to emergency procedures and avoiding roll-over. It takes just five minutes to finish and is suitable for learners from Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham and Huntsville, so why not try your hand at answering some questions right now?