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Have you been trying to find a replica of the Alabama DMV permit test online, so you can get an idea of what to expect on the real exam? This is a brilliant tactic! What better way to prepare than by actually completing a real Alabama DMV test? That way, you’ll know roughly how challenging the permit test questions are likely to be and how you’ll perform in a test situation. This will give you the confidence to book an appointment at your local DPS test center, knowing that you are not going to be wasting your time! The problem is, there are not many realistic, free CDL practice tests available online. It is not too difficult to find a reasonable-quality shorter quiz, like our CDL Alabama practice test, but accurate, full-length CDL general knowledge quizzes are a rarity. Thankfully, our Alabama permit test Simulator is here to change all that!

This DPS CDL practice test for Alabama takes test-simulation to new levels of brilliance. No other online quiz for commercial driving students is as authentic as this one, plus – it’s totally free to use! You can count on us to address all the important CDL general knowledge topics on this Simulator, including basic vehicle control, skid control and recovery, road signs and rules, accident and emergency procedures, vehicle inspection, calculating space for your vehicle, seasonal driving situations and many more besides! Everything you can expect to be questioned on during the real 2020 DMV written test for Alabama has been included on this test, in complete accordance with the permit test study guide.

While we cannot predict exactly which DMV test questions you will be faced with when you take the actual DMV permit test in Alabama, we can tell you that the more often you use this Simulator quiz, the more likely you are to come across questions which will appear on the test. This is because our DPS Alabama permit test Simulator uses 50 multiple-choice questions, exactly like the real exam, which actually change every time you re-start the quiz! This is a huge plus-point and something which sets our permit test Simulator ahead of most other types of DPS practice permit test, which typically use a fixed set of questions. With this Simulator quiz, you will never have to worry about getting used to the questions, you will be challenged in new areas and forced to find new permit test answers every time you use the test.

Just like the real learners permit test in Alabama, this DPS general knowledge practice test requires 40 out of 50 questions to be answered correctly for students to gain a pass. As you can use this Simulator as many times as you like, we recommend using it repeatedly as your permit test exam approaches, until you can get at least 45 questions correct every time. We realize this is above the required 80 percent passing grade, but it will make absolutely certain that you’ve got what it takes to pass the actual exam. As you might expect, we have not included any guidance tools or study aids on this Alabama CDL practice test, as it is designed to be realistic and you will not get any assistance on the real test. This means you’ll have to put your Alabama DMV handbook out of reach too, so you don’t get tempted to look up the answers!

Try the permit test Simulator now and join the many commercial driving students from Birmingham, Montgomery, Auburn and every other region of Alabama, passing their exams first time!