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If you’ve been searching for the best website with free CDL practice tests to help you get through the Alabama CDL general knowledge test for your commercial driving learners permit, you can relax – you’ve found us! Every DMV CDL practice test for Alabama on this website is suitable for students in every part of the state; whether you live in Birmingham, Auburn, Montgomery or Huntsville, the DPS permit test is exactly the same, so our learning resources will be able to help you!

It is never too early to start preparing for the general knowledge CDL test in Alabama! Once you’ve made the decision to apply for a commercial driving license, you’re ready to start studying. You might be hesitant to begin if you haven’t decided what type of commercial vehicle you want to drive yet, but you don’t need to be! Whether you ultimately end up driving a Class C, Class B or Class A vehicle, you will need to take the same general knowledge permit test, as this exam focuses on material which applies to all commercial driving vehicles and situations. So, there is no need to hold off if you’re not sure which class you’re going for. There are separate endorsement exams which you may need to take one or more of, depending on your chosen commercial driving career, but you will not have to make this decision until after the DPS general knowledge test has been dealt with. When the time comes, we do have a 2020 CDL practice test for each of these endorsements on our website!

If you have not started studying for the general knowledge test CDL Alabama exam yet, the first thing you need to do is download a free copy of the current permit test study guide from the DPS website. This manual contains all the information you will need to cover for the exam, including basic vehicle control, road signs and road rules, seasonal driving conditions, vehicle inspection, skid control and emergency procedures. You’ll also need to be familiar with these topics before you start using our CDL general knowledge practice test for Alabama, in order to see the most benefit from the quiz. Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the information in the DMV drivers manual, you can start using this 2020 DMV practice test for Alabama to assess how much you’ve learned and make sure you retain it.

On this DMV practice permit test and our other CDL quizzes, you will come up against genuine CDL general knowledge questions and answers for 2020. Many of these questions have been adapted from real exam papers, while others have been designed carefully to mimic real exam questions, using current commercial driving study material. We’ve used the same multiple-choice and “true or false” format as the real test, though you will be pleased to find out that we have only included 20 questions. This means you should be able to complete this quiz in a matter of minutes, unlike the extensive 50-question test which will take much longer.

When you get to the point that you’d like to try a longer Alabama CDL practice test, you might try our free CDL general knowledge cheat sheet or our Simulator DMV permit practice test, both of which include 50 multiple-choice questions. We recommend your start here with this easy-to-manage quiz, moving on only when you can comfortably score well above the 80 percent pass mark every time. Though as we offer unlimited re-tests, there is nothing stopping you from continuing until you get a perfect score!