If you have committed to taking a DMV permit test in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay or any other part of Wisconsin, you might be wondering where you’re going to find the permit test answers you need. Take our advice and do not be tempted to look up Wisconsin DMV test questions and answers online, or resort to working on a DMV cheat sheet or practice permit test right away. These resources can be useful in the later stages of your study plan, but all they will do at this stage is give you the illusion of being prepared. Even when the permit test questions are accurate, resources like this do not contain a wide enough selection or enough detail to get you ready for everything the actual DMV written test could throw at you.

If you want to be truly prepared for any question that could come up on your WI DOT permit test, you need to spend your study time reading the Wisconsin driver’s manual for 2021 – at least to begin with! The Wisconsin DMV written test study guide has been put together by the DOT Division of Motor Vehicles, the very same organization that design each drivers license permit test. There is no more reliable source of permit test information anywhere online or in the stores. If you study every relevant section of the WI DMV manual, you’ll know for certain that you’ve covered everything. Then you can start taking advantage of self-assessment learning resources like DMV test practice quizzes.

This brilliant Wisconsin permit study guide for 2021 is more commonly known as the motorists handbook. It couldn’t be easier to get yourself a copy. In fact, you could be reading one in just a couple of minutes! How can this possibly be true? If you go check out the DMV website, it will be immediately obvious. You can start your DMV WI permit test practice straight away, by downloading a free PDF version of the Wisconsin motorist handbook from the DMV website. Hard-copy editions of the driving manual are also available, so you can get one of those too if you like! Keep in mind however that you will have to pay for a physical copy of the book and wait for it to arrive in the mail. Students like the idea of owning a hard-copy of the study guide, but they tend to be far less convenient than their digital counterparts, which can be read anytime using a tablet or smart phone.

When you download the Wisconsin driver’s manual, make sure you choose the edition which matches the 2021 DMV test you’re planning to take. If you are studying for a regular license you’ll need the standard version of the guide; if you’re taking the CDL general knowledge test or a CDL endorsement exam you’ll need the commercial driving DMV manual; and as you might expect there is a third version of the WI drivers manual for motorcycle driving students.

Whatever material you need to study, you’ll find the Wisconsin drivers test study guide makes things simple. Every important topic has been broken down into manageable sections and explained using straight-forward language. You’ll also be glad to know there are many fantastic images and helpful diagrams included in the book, making it even easier to understand the ideas it puts forward.

When you become more familiar with the material in your WI DMV driving manual, you can start using one of our professional quality permit test practice quizzes to check on your progress. We have one 2021 DMV practice test for Wisconsin to go with every DMV exam! Use a quiz alongside your study guide and you’ll be ready to sit the DMV permit test in no time at all!

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