How do you know you’re studying the correct material for the DOT permit test in Wisconsin? That’s easy! You just need to make sure you’re using the right CDL motorists handbook. Whether you’re based in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or Appleton, you should make the Wisconsin driver’s handbook for 2021 your primary source of information. Other study guides just don’t cut it in comparison! This book was purposefully compiled by the DOT to make sure that every commercial driving student has easy access to accurate and up-to-date material. Don’t take your chances with an unofficial WI motorist handbook when this comprehensive guide contains everything you need. Trust us when we say, you could very well end up studying material that is no longer applicable to the current Wisconsin DMV test if you do not heed this advice.

As this all-inclusive CDL DMV drivers handbook is intended to be accessible for all, it is incredibly easy to get yourself a copy. As it happens, you can get one right now if you want to! All you need to do is pop over to the DMV website and download a free PDF version of the drivers book, then you can start preparing for your 2021 DMV test right away! Even if you have already spent some time using other resources to revise for the WI DMV permit test, a quick scan through the relevant sections of the handbook will reassure you that you’ve been focusing on the correct information.

So which commercial driving license exam will the Wisconsin DMV handbook prepare you for? The short answer is, all of them! Any DMV written test for 2021 which a commercial driving student may wish to take, is covered in this permit test study guide. If you’re just starting out on your commercial driving journey, your first hurdle will be the CDL general knowledge permit test. This exam covered everything an aspiring commercial driver must know before they can start taking practical driving lessons. When preparing for your exam, you should check out the contents sections at the start of your Wisconsin driver’s manual and direct your attention to topics which apply to every commercial driver. By this we mean, topics like basic vehicle control, space management, seeing hazards, vehicle inspection, drug and alcohol rules, dealing with aggressive drivers, rules of the road and road sign meanings.

What are the other CDL exams that your CDL WI motorist handbook covers? These are the smaller endorsement exams which you may choose to take after the general knowledge DMV Wisconsin permit test, to add further qualifications to your main license. Which of these tests you take, and how many, will depend on what sort of driving job you intend to do. Endorsements such as School Bus, Double-Triple Trailer, Passenger and HazMat all have their own separate chapters in the CDL permit book. So, if you’re ready to revise for an endorsement you can skip the general knowledge material and head straight there!

When you want to find out how many permit test answers you can come up with, try using a DMV permit practice test for Wisconsin here on! Unfortunately, there are not very many sample DMV test questions in the WI driving handbook, which is why we’ve built our own range of authentic permit test practice quizzes! Just like the permit test book, every Wisconsin DMV practice test on our website is free to use. They also come with unlimited re-tests, so you can keep improving on your score as you study your driver manual. Good luck!

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