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Quick fact: more than half of the students who go into the DMV to apply for a motorcycle learners permit fail the VA DMV written test the first time they take it.  This is an amazing fact: all of the tools needed to prepare for the exam are free and within reach of anyone who has a computer or a smartphone (which is pretty much everyone today), yet so many students fail to utilize these opportunities! The reason behind this is quite simple - driving has become such a big part of our lives that people tend to underestimate the skill and knowledge required for being a safe driver.  Our free Virginia DMV motorcycle permit test Simulator was designed to help you avoid this mistake and find out whether you are ready for the real exam before you actually go into your local DMV office! 

The permit test Simulator is fashioned after the real DMV exam: it consists of 25 questions that cover Virginia safe riding rules and traffic regulations.  All DMV questions are multiple choice, with three or four answers, only one of the answers being correct.  The motorcycle knowledge exam is graded on the fly and you find out whether you have answered a question correctly as soon as you pick one of the provided options.  Please note that you cannot change your answers, so take your time and consider your options carefully before choosing one.  Once you answer all 25 questions, our Virginia DMV motorcycle practice test will display your overall score and allow you to review the questions you have missed.  

So far, all this, apart from the number of questions involved, may sound very much like a regular Virginia motorcycle practice permit test test you might have taken previously.  What makes the 2019 motorcycle learners permit test Simulator different from those exams?  It's the way questions for the test are selected! Regular DMV motorcycle practice tests use a fixed set of questions that is displayed every time, no matter how many times you take the exam.  The order of the DMV questions is shuffled to keep things interesting, but they are still the same questions in the end.  This approach has its own benefits, as it allows you to concentrate on the topics in that exam and master them real well.  However, when you want some unpredictability - the motorcycle permit test Simulator is your practice test of choice!  Our VA motorcycle permit test Simulator is connected to a large knowledge base that contains over 200 motorcycle permit test questions and answers.  Every time you begin the exam, the system selects 25 random questions and builds a unique custom quiz just for you!  Yes, this happens every time and it's like having hundreds of different sample motorcycle permit tests at your disposal!

A word of advice - never settle for just a "pass" on the practice test.  Some students find out how many questions are on the Virginia motorcycle permit test, how many of them they need to answer correctly and as soon as they hit this bar, they stop working on practice tests and go straight to the DMV office to apply for a learners permit.  This is one of the worst things you can do, next to not studying at all.  You have to work on your free DMV motorcycle practice tests until your score is around 90% before you do the real test, you don't want to be cutting it too close, when one extra question you miss can cost you your permit!  Spend an extra hour on studying now and save yourself some travel time and the time you will waste in the DMV lines when you have to go into the office again after failing the exam the first time!

If you find this free Virginia DMV motorcycle permit test (VA) Simulator 2019 too hard, don't be afraid to switch to our regular practice permit tests and return to the Simulator once you've built up your skill and confidence!  Good luck at the office!