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Learning to ride a motorcycle in Richmond, Norfolk, Alexandria or elsewhere in Virginia must begin with study of the official motorcycle handbook. Once you have familiarized yourself with the safety information and driving skills detailed in the study guide, you must demonstrate your understanding of what you have learned by passing the VA motorcycle permit test. Use our 2020 DMV practice test for Virginia motorcycle applicants to guide your studies for that assessment and you should end up with a far greater chance of passing it. Constructed using nothing but legitimate information from the permit book and past exams, this DMV permit practice test makes the perfect companion to the official VA motorcycle handbook.

The Virginia DMV motorcycle test is considerably shorter and less complicated than the regular car driver’s permit test, though that does not mean it is any easier to pass. Any person wishing to walk away from the DMV test office with their motorcycle permit or endorsement in hand must provide at least 20 correct permit test answers from the 25 questions on their paper. To make sure you are prepared for the challenge of passing the real DMV written test, our team have built this realistic DMV learners permit practice test for Virginia applicants to mirror the number of questions, pass requirement and layout of the real exam. Hitting the ‘start’ button on this page will bring up the first of 25 motorcycle test questions, which will be listed above a short selection of possible learners permit test answers. Only one of these proposed solutions is correct, so take your time to consider the question carefully. While our DMV test practice quiz includes a timer to help you gauge your progress, you are not restricted to a time limit when working on the test.

Want to know what sort of questions you will be asked during the VA motorcycle DMV test? Take our DMV VA practice test for a spin to find out! The quiz targets the same range of subjects as the real exam, most of which center around defensive driving and motorcycle safety. At some point prior to taking the Virginia motorcycle test, you will need to read all the study material in the permit book carefully, to learn how to apply defensive driving techniques, how to manage space on the road, why protective gear is important and how you should drive when carrying passengers. Our practice DMV test VA quiz can improve your knowledge of these subjects, but it cannot teach you everything from scratch. As there is no way to know precisely which questions you will be asked during the real motorcycle test, attempting to get through the assessment without reading the permit book would be incredibly foolish.

Check out the first question on our Virginia DMV permit practice test. You will notice that there are two extra features titled ‘hint’ and ‘50/50’ just above, below or beside the question. Clicking either of these lifelines will make the question easier to answer, by removing half the incorrect answers or bringing up a useful clue. If you are not sure you understand the question or can choose the correct answer, accessing one or both these optional support features may be enough to resolve the issue. Most students find that relying on our VA DMV practice test quizzes support features is faster and much more fun than returning to the study guide when they get stuck. Why not try it for yourself and see?