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This may come as a surprise, but we are here to tell you that you don't need to cheat on your Virginia DMV motorcycle test.  Seriously, you don't.  Don't even waste time on looking for guides on how to cheat on the VA motorcycle permit test, the time and effort you will invest into the endeavor are simply not worth it!  If you believe that you can simply download a VA DMV cheat sheet to your cell phone, or print out a PDF file with answers to the motorcycle permit test - you are gravely mistaken. Sure, you can download a cheat sheet, but have you actually thought about how you are going to use it?  The motorcycle permit test in Virginia is not an open book exam and the clerks won't have you peeking at your iPhone during the test, in fact, the first time you are observed doing so, you are failed and expelled from the office.  You have just wasted travel time, waiting in DMV lines and quite possibly - your application fee.   There is an easier way to guarantee that you pass the VA motorcycle written test the first time and that is to invest just a little time into studying the rules of the road!  Seriously, a little time is all it takes!

This is why we have gone a completely different way and have designed our free VA DMV motorcycle test cheat sheet to work like a DMV practice test.  However, this is not just a regular practice quiz you might have taken previously, in fact, it is much closer to the permit test Simulator!  The first difference between regular exams and the motorcycle DMV cheat sheet is the format.  Our regular motorcycle DMV practice tests contain 20 multiple choice questions, while the DMV cheat sheet is tailored after the real exam and sport 25 questions.  This is how it's going to be at the DMV and we want you to start getting used to the format right now!

The second difference and probably the most striking one is how sample DMV questions for the exam are chosen.  A regular online Virginia DMV motorcycle practice test utilizes a fixed set of questions that is presented to you every time.  Of course, the order of those questions is rotated and shuffled so you can enjoy some freshness in the exam, but at the end of the day, they are still the same 20 questions.  This Virginia motorcycle permit test cheat sheet works in a completely different manner!  It is connected to a vast pool of VA motorcycle permit test questions and answers that contains over 200 questions and every time you sign into this page, it selects 25 random questions on road signs and traffic rules to build a custom DMV practice quiz for you!  This means a unique free motorcycle practice permit test every time, no matter how many times you take the exam!

Finally, there is another distinguishing feature that places this online Virginia motorcycle permit test cheat sheet into a separate league from all other exams and it's the study aids that are integrated into the system, the study aids you can use to answer any sample question you just find too hard!  Hints is a great feature that provides you with more details about the question without actually giving the answer away. Yes, they are subtle, but that's the whole point - they are supposed to nudge you towards the right answer, not be a dead give-away! If you can't figure out the answer after requesting a hint, just hit the 50/50 button and get instantly remove two incorrect answers from the screen!  Now you have a 50% chance of picking the right answer even if you don't know it, there are only two of them left!  Finally, we recommend that you keep the motorcycle drivers handbook by your side as you are working on the cheat sheet!  Can't answer a question?  Just look up the answer in the drivers manual, there's a reason why people call it the 2019 Virginia motorcycle permit test study guide, it has answers to all permit test questions, the entire VA learners permit test is based on that book!

Enjoy this free VA motorcycle DMV permit test cheat sheet 2019 and don't hesitate to ask for help in the comment box above, we are here to hold your hand!