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Another awesome practice permit test, this time to teach you everything there is to know about traffic signals!  Green, yellow, red, all those different-colored arrows, communicating with traffic police and obeying their instructions - all those kind of things.  Don't worry if some of the questions on the practice quiz will seem strange the first time you take it, by the time you are done with this exam, there won't be a traffic signal you don't recognize!  Without further ado, we give you our new free Vermont permit practice test (VT) 2020 - traffic lights and traffic signals!

The rationale used by those students who choose not to study traffic signals for the VT permit test 2020 is quite simple - traffic signals are easy and there are not that many questions that cover traffic lights on the exam.  Let us start by saying that both of these assumptions are true.  They are.  Traffic lights ARE easy, provided you actually know them, and the test paper rarely has more than two questions on them, but these may be the questions that will make a difference between passing and failing the exam.   Traffic lights is one of the underestimated topics on the DMV exam, which is understandable, it is hard to believe that there is something we don't know about the lights when we see them and use them almost every day of our lives!  You see them on the way to school, on the way to work, on the way home, you see them when you are riding shotgun with someone or when you are crossing the street.  Yes those who don't actually drive frequently fail to appreciate the small details and that is exactly what you will be tested on when you show up at the DMV.  A traffic light that is not working is a good example: do you know what the DMV requires you to do when a traffic light is not working, how do you go through the intersection and who has the right of way?  What about police regulating traffic at an intersection, do you follow instructions from a policeman or do you observe signals you see on the traffic light when they conflict each other?  These are just a few questions on traffic light you can expect to see on your DMV exam and you better be ready to answer them if you want to pass!  Thankfully, our free practice permit test for VT is here to teach you all these things!

The practice test is structured in a similar manner to regular practice quizzes you might have already gone through, it consists of twenty multiple choice questions and each question will provide you with three or four possible answers.   Immediate feedback, helpful explanations to permit test questions you happen to miss - this Vermont practice permit test 2020 retains all of the great features you grew accustomed to.  Here is something different, though: unlike regular practice exams that use the same set of questions each and every time, this sample quiz will randomly select sample questions on traffic lights from our extensive knowledge base and build a unique custom quiz for you every time you log into this page or refresh it (yes, this means keeping your hands away from that refresh button, unless you want to lose your current progress).  With new sample questions every time, you will never grow tired of this free knowledge test!

Those looking for additional help with traffic lights should refer to the official Vermont drivers manual.  Pages 33 and 34 of the booklet are dedicated to traffic signals and will provide you with a background you need to answer questions from this practice permit test.  Sure, it's not much, but it's pretty much everything you can expect on the real DMV test too, remember, the real exam is based exclusively on the information in see in that book!

Keep working on this Vermont permit practice test (VT) 2020 until you can answer no less than 18 questions correctly each and every time and don't forget to check out other DMV practice tests we have prepared for you!  Good luck at the DMV!