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Do we even need to tell you that road signs is one of the most important parts of the Vermont permit test?  Are you one of those people who believe that road signs are not worth studying since they are all common sense and that your time is better invested elsewhere?  Go ahead and skip past this free Vermont practice permit test (VT) 2020, then, but don't tell us we didn't warn you when you find yourself going to the local DMV office time after time, failing the exam and having to waste hours in DMV lines! Want to pass the permit test on your first visit? Don't slack off, prepare today!

Knowledge test questions on road signs are considered to be extremely easy, but that's a common misconception.  We are well aware of the fact that most of you know your basic road signs quite well - the stop sign, the yield sign, you see them each and every day, you know what to do when you see them and you grow comfortable in the belief that this is all you need to know about traffic signs.  Well, it's not. In fact, most of the Vermont permit test questions on road signs are far from being basic.  Instead, you are being tested on skills you have probably never used before, since you don't need them until you start driving.  Identifying road signs by color and shape is a great example of a skill we cover in our online permit practice test for VT, the skill you will definitely be tested on when you show up at the DMV office.  It may seem silly now, but it is an important ability you will use all the time - when driving past road signs at night speed, driving when it's dark, foggy or raining.  You don't really have time to stop, look at the sign and determine what it means when you are driving, decisions have to be made quickly and your life may depend on these decisions, that's why it is so important to be able to tell the signs apart even if you can't read them.  Don't worry, though, our free Vermont practice permit test teaches you all of these things and there won't be a knowledge test question you can't answer once you are done with this practice exam!

This online VT road signs practice test is structured similarly to regular practice permit tests you might have already taken.  Twenty multiple choice questions, immediate response and grading, the right answer and an explanation to the rule being displayed on the screen whenever you happen to miss a question.  There are a few crucial differences, though.  For once, this practice permit test features only questions that cover road signs (duh!).  Another difference lies in how the practice quiz is composed.  Regular practice permit tests feature a preset bunch of questions that doesn't change, no matter how many times you take the exam.  Sure, the order will be rotated, questions will be shuffled, to keep things interesting, but they are still the same twenty questions.  This 2020 permit practice test for Vermont uses an entirely different approach.  Questions are algorithmically selected from the knowledge base every time you begin the exam, and you end up with a unique practice quiz!  With over 100 learners permit questions and answers that cover Vermont road signs, you will never grow tired of this practice permit test!

Looking for additional study resources?  We got you covered!  Check out our amazing section on Vermont road signs, we have collected every traffic sign you need to know to pass your permit test!  Still not satisfied?  Open the official 2020 Vermont learners permit test book and go through pages 34-36, they have a somewhat shorter, yet useful list of traffic signs, broken into categories.  Use all of the study tools available to you and prepare for the knowledge test faster!

Good luck on your learner's permit exam and let us know what you think of this free Vermont permit practice test (VT) 2020 in the comments!