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Having trouble finding the permit test answers you need in the VT DMV handbook? If you’re applying for a commercial driving learners permit in Burlington, Montpelier, Rutland City or Battleboro we’ve got something that can give you the permit test answers to the CDL general knowledge DMV permit test – yes, really! In fact, wherever you’re from in Vermont, this amazing resource can help you, as there is no difference in the material covered on the exam in different parts of the state. What resource are we talking about? This is the DMV cheat sheet, one of the most effective Vermont CDL practice tests around when it comes to arming you with correct answers to the permit test questions on the general knowledge exam.

Now, we’re not about to tell you to stop reading the Vermont permit test study guide – sorry! That manual contains information concerning every commercial driving topic that will appear on the VT permit test, explored in fine detail. All commercial learner drivers will need to read this permit book at least once if they’re serious about passing the exam. However, we recognize that everybody learns differently, and there are many commercial driving students out there who do not feel they’re getting what they need from studying the permit book alone. This is what prompted us to create our amazing permit test DMV cheat sheet.

When the DMV drivers handbook lets you down and you just cannot find the permit test answers you need, our DMV cheat sheet will come to the rescue! Just like the real DMV written test for 2019, this quiz contains 50 genuine Vermont DMV test questions and answers, laid out in the same multiple-choice and “true or false” format. As you would with any other Vermont DMV practice test for 2019, you should work your way through the questions, answering any that you feel comfortable attempting. However, this is no ordinary VT DMV permit test quiz! Whenever you come to a question and find you’re not sure of the answer, this DMV cheat sheet will let you “cheat” your way to the correct solution.

You won’t really be “cheating”, you’ll simply be using our in-built support tools to help you work out the problem. The first of these tools is the “hint” function, which when activated will provide you with more information about the question to assist you in working out the answer for yourself. The second tool can be activated if you’re still not sure which of the multiple-choice selection is correct; this is the “50/50” function. When activated, this tool will remove half the incorrect answers from the options available, making it immediately far easier for you to choose the right answer.

The support tools on this Vermont learners permit test quiz can be activated as many times as you need to while you’re working through it. To increase your competency over time, you should aim to complete this quiz regularly, reducing your reliance on the support tools with each attempt. You will soon find you’re able to secure a passing grade of 80 percent or over without any help from the “hint” and “50/50” tools at all! Plus, you do not have to worry about becoming too familiar with the permit test questions and getting them correct from memory, because new questions will be generated every time you restart the test!

Passing the 2019 DMV written test for Vermont can stop being a dream and start being a reality, thanks to this amazing CDL general knowledge cheat sheet. There is no time like the present – why not have you first go on the cheat sheet now?