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When you are out to prepare for the motorcycle written test, nothing comes close in effectiveness to studying real 2019 Texas motorcycle license test questions and answers.  The reason why it is one of the most effective study methods is quite simple - you learn exactly what's going to be on the motorcycle test, without having to read countless books, study guides and cheat sheets that do not guarantee that the information you are learning will actually appear on the exam.  This free Texas motorcycle practice test features nothing but DPS questions & answers for the 2019 DMV written test, so don't waste anymore time, dive right in and start studying!

The motorcycle practice test consists of 20 questions that cover such topics as riding at night, emergency stops, riding in groups, turning and accident prevention techniques.  All questions are provided in the format adopted by the real motorcycle knowledge test - multiple choice and true or false questions.  Your Texas motorcycle practice test has integrated study aids, designed to help you deal with complicated questions.  Whenever you are stuck, you can either request for a hint to be displayed, or use a 50/50 option.  Hints are small bits of additional information that can nudge you towards the right answer.  The 50/50 button works in a more direct manner by eliminating half of incorrect DMV answers from the screen.  We recommend that you always request a hint first and use the 50/50 button only if you are unable to decipher the answer with the help of a hint. 

Another great feature of this 2019 Texas motorcycle practice test is immediate feedback and on-the fly grading.  The practice test always lets you know whether you have answered a DMV question correctly and displays the correct answer whenever you make a mistake, so you can learn right there and then.  On top of that, the motorcycle license practice test provides a detailed explanation for every answer, saving you additional time on not having to research these answers with the help of the Texas motorcycle drivers handbook.