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Very few aspiring motorcycle permit holders pass the general knowledge DPS written test during the first attempt. As the exam for a motorcycle permit in Texas is relatively brief, applicants often make the mistake of leaving their preparation to the last minute or thinking they can get through the test with common sense alone. Using the official DMV motorcycle handbook and the DPS practice permit test for Texas residents we provide here, you can be one of the minority who ace their general knowledge motorcycle exam first time!

When you visit your local DMV center in San Antonia, Dallas or Houston to take the Texas motorcycle permit test, you will be presented with a 25-question exam which predominantly deals with safe driving techniques for motorcyclists. The DPS motorcycle written test is computer-generated and will present you with randomly chosen questions, one at a time. Each question will be accompanied by a selection of possible permit test answers; your task will be choosing the correct answer from those available. The DMV learners permit practice test for Texas applicants on this page is built using the same format and the same number of questions as the real DPS permit test. As such, it makes the ultimate self-assessment tool to give you a taste of what the real DMV test is like!

It would be wise to stick with our Texas DPS practice tests rather than using other resources that you find online. While our quiz has been built and quality-checked using accurate, up-to-date material from the current 2020 motorcycle handbook, most other online tests are not created with the same attention to detail. Using an unreliable resource could result in exposure to incorrect information, which could ruin your chances of passing the permit test.

The Texas DMV practice permit test questions on this quiz are accompanied by open-access support tools, which you can use find the correct answer if you come up against a challenging question. You may also wish to keep your motorcycle handbook nearby, to look up information as you go along. It is essential to keep in mind that there will be no support tools present on the real Texas motorcycle license test, nor will you be permitted to take your study guide into the exam room with you. This means that by the time the real permit test comes around, you should be able to answer every question on this Texas permit practice test correctly, without any type of support. Though when you first begin learning, feel free to use our ‘hint’ and ‘50/50’ support features as many times as you like during the quiz. This support will help to build up your confidence and will ultimately teach you more about the topics you are working with.

The final page on the 2020 practice permit test for Texas applicants will display a summary of your score, a counter showing how many times you used the support and a list of all your incorrectly answered questions. Take the time to read through this summary, as it will enable you to make your future study time more effective! If you have multiple incorrect answers linked to a certain topic – such as helmet laws, or space management – you know that these are the chapters of the motorcycle permit book you ought to focus on next time you work with the manual.