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Studying for the Texas motorcycle DPS permit test doesn't have to be dull!  Prepare for and nail the DPS written test with a free Texas DPS motorcycle practice test!  Twenty real DPS questions and answers for the 2019 exam, brought together in the form of an easy and fun sample quiz!  We have done the legwork, now you can take the credit! Spend five minutes working on this free motorcycle DMV practice test and improve your chances of passing the real exam!

Some of the Texas motorcycle drivers license applicants believe they can wing the test and go into a local DPS office without spending five minutes on reading the motorcycle drivers manual or taking a single DMV practice test.  Can you really pass the DMV written test without studying?  You can, but your chances of doing that are very low.  In fact, more than half of first time motorcycle permit test takers fail the exam, and these statistics include those who did study, so you can only imagine what the number are like for those who don't.  Don't sabotage yourself, don't make the mistake of going into a local DPS office unprepared, especially since you have all the tools you need to prepare at your fingertips, and they are free too!  This Texas motorcycle DPS practice test is free, the official DPS drivers manual is free and frankly, these are the only things you need to pass!

One final word about this motorcycle DPS practice test and the amount of time you need to spend on it in order to get the most out of the exam.  The real motorcycle DMV test in Texas has 25 questions and you need to answer no less than 20 of them correctly.  This works down to a grade of 80%, which isn't exceptionally high.  However, we don't recommend that you don't target the same grade while working on your Texas DPS motorcycle practice test and continue studying until you can answer to less than 90% of the DMV permit test questions correctly.  Since there is really no way to predict what questions you will get on the real test, you have to try and memorize as many different questions as you can while studying and skipping 20% of these question is really not a viable option.  If you can't score 100% - that's fine, but please make sure that you can score at least 90% on this 2019 DPS practice test before you move on to the next exam. Good luck!