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Completed the first two motorcycle practice tests and ready for more action?  You're awesome, give yourself a pat on the back!  Here is another great Texas motorcycle DMV practice test for you to sink your teeth in, with twenty new DPS questions and answers! Adjusting mirrors, riding with passengers, making normal stops, riding in staggered formation and avoiding the danger of cars pulling out into your path - it's all there, in this free 2019 motorcycle DMV practice test! Don't waste any time, get started on it right now!

While this DMV practice test is loaded with real Texas motorcycle license test questions and answers, the practice test has something the DMV test doesn't - awesome integrated study tools that make preparing for the exam easier, faster and certainly more fun.  Take hints, for instance.  Let's face it - you don't know the answer to every question and guessing the best answer really doesn't provide for the best learning experience, and this is what this Texas motorcycle DMV practice test is all about - learning!  With hints, you don't have to guess anymore!  When you feel that you are stuck, request for a hint to be displayed!  Hints are small snippets of additional information that guide you to the right answer.  And if you're still confused, the motorcycle practice test has something else in store for you - the 50/50 option!  Clicking on the 50/50 button will immediately eliminate half of incorrect answers from the screen, helping you make the right choice!

Hold on, we are not done yet!  Study aids are a great thing, but this Texas DPS motorcycle license test has more great features!  Not only does it grade your answers as you go along, not only does it display the correct answer when you make a mistake, but it provides a great explanation for that answer too!  These explanations are based on the official Texas motorcycle drivers handbook, the same book the DPS uses to draw questions for the real test, and we recommend that you invest a little time into reading it once you are done with the practice test!

Have a question about this free Texas motorcycle DMV practice test or simply want to say thanks?  Comment on the page and don't forget to share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter!  Good luck!