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We want to help you get it right the first time, so here is a quick advice on how NOT to use this SC motorcycle permit test cheat sheet.  The first thing you want to avoid is treading this DMV cheat sheet as a collection of permit test questions and answers you can simply download to your iPhone and then use them during the real exam.  No matter how strange this may sound, this SC DMV motorcycle test cheat sheet will not help you cheat during the real test.  The cheat sheet is just another study tool to help you learn the rules of the road and it has nothing to do with trying to "beat the system".  Besides, when you are trying to cheat on your motorcycle drivers permit test, the only person you end up cheating is yourself - the DMV is simply trying to make sure that you possess the level of expertise required to operate the vehicle safely, so you will not cause any grief to others and won't come to any harm yourself.   This goes without saying that your chances of successfully cheating on the South Carolina DMV motorcycle permit test are close to nil, no matter how many pdf files with cheat sheets you have downloaded to your cell phone.  The motorcycle DMV permit test is not an open book exam, you can't just search your smartphone for answers, if you are observed as much as peeking at your phone, your exam paper is marked as "FAILED" and you are escorted out of the office in shame.   Seriously, don't try that, it rarely works and the consequences outweigh the benefits by far. Your best chance of passing the 2019 SC DMV motorcycle permit test is to study for it and our cheat sheet is here to help you do that as quickly as possible!

Now that we know how not to use the permit test cheat sheet, let's look at how to get the most out of it.  Our free South Carolina motorcycle permit test cheat sheet is organized like a large practice permit test, with 25 multiple choice questions presented to you every time you access the exam.   The trick is in how these SC DMV questions are chosen.  A regular motorcycle permit practice test will work with a fixed set of questions, it will rotate their order, shuffle things around a little to keep things interesting, but you still have the same questions to study.  The motorcycle DMV cheat sheet, on the other hand, makes full use of its connection to the knowledge base of over 200 sample permit test questions that cover everything you may need to know for the motorcycle drivers permit test - from alcohol-related traffic offenses to seat belt regulations for children under 13 years of age.  The system selects 25 new questions for you whenever you log into the page and builds a custom practice permit test that is likely to be never repeated again, so you've got a massive opportunity to study, with a virtually inexhaustible supply of free South Carolina motorcycle permit practice tests!

Now, we know how hard some of the motorcycle DMV permit test questions may be and so we have designed a number of study aids to help you get through those questions with ease.  Study aids in this motorcycle DMV cheat sheet come in two forms - hints and the 50/50 button, each one designed for a specific situation.  Hints work great when you have absolutely no clue about the question.  Requesting a hint will provide you with additional information about the traffic rule being discussed by the question.  Mind you, hints are not always as direct as you would like them to be, but that's the whole idea - you are expected to use reasoning to get to the right answer, simply giving it away doesn't hold much learning value!  The 50/50 button will help you whenever you are faced by a few answers that look too similar for you to be able to choose between them. Clicking the button will immediately hide two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a much simplified choice!    And by all means, go ahead and combine these two study aids together whenever you want, you can use the motorcycle permit test cheat sheet whichever way suits your study process best!

If you believe that this free South Carolina DMV motorcycle permit test (SC) cheat sheet 2019 is missing an essential question, don't hesitate to drop it into the comment box!  We'll research the question and update the knowledge base so others can benefit from your feedback!  Thanks and good luck at the DMV!