Ohio CDL General Knowledge Practice Test (OH) # 3

Better than the official Ohio driving test book! A 2021 Ohio class B practice test with immediate grading and study aids!

  • 20 Questions
  • 80% Passing Score
  • 4 Mistakes Allowed
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Ohio CDL Test Facts

  • Questions: 50
  • Correct answers to pass: 40
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Test locations: Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Offices
  • Test languages: English, Spanish
  • Based upon: Ohio CDL Manual
Improve your chances of passing the test by reading the official Ohio drivers manual Drivers Manual

A Class B commercial driving license is one of the more popular license classes in Ohio. Earning a passing score on the Class B temps test and passing the practical driving test will qualify you to drive any mid-sized commercial vehicle. That is any single vehicle with a gross weight rating of over 26,001 lbs. which could be towing another unit of up to 10,000 lbs. Box trucks and average-sized school buses both fall into the Class B category. Does this sound like what you’re hoping to do? Great! You’ll need to start by taking the Ohio DMV test for CDL general knowledge. It’s a pretty extensive test featuring 50 multiple choice questions, but don’t worry – we’ve got the perfect free BMV practice test 2021 Ohio quiz right here on this website, so acing the BMV permit test can be a walk in the park!

In actual fact, the general knowledge 2021 BMV written test in Ohio follows a standard format for all classes of commercial learners permit, and so does our CDL practice test. You’ll need to know about the same topics and will be asked the same BMV test questions whether you are applying for a Class A, Class B or Class C learners permit. So, while this sample exam is a CDL Class B practice test for Ohio, it also works for Class C and Class A permits! Our point here is, so what if you’re not sure which class of drivers license you want? You can still use this quiz as permit test practice in preparation for the 2021 BMV written test. Keeps things nice and simple, doesn’t it!

It’s important to understand that CDL practice tests cannot be your only learning tool for the BMV test Ohio exam, certainly not if you’re serious about passing first time around! No BMV permit practice test will ever be able to present you with every possible question you could encounter in the exam; even a learners permit practice test which generates new questions each time you use it, like our BMV cheat sheet or BMV Simulator quiz won’t be enough all on its own. If you want to pass your BMV Ohio permit test exam with an excellent grade, first time, you will need to use this Ohio CDL practice test in conjunction with the BMV handbook.

You can get a copy of the 2021 BMV booklet from their website for free. Inside you will find information relating to every possible aspect of commercial driving, road rules and road signs. Reading the Ohio BMV handbook will teach you about basic vehicle control, shifting gears, understanding different road laws, safe driving in different climates, how to inspect your vehicle before a journey and many more subjects on top. You might not be that enthralled with the idea of reading the BMV drivers handbook from start to finish, but that’s where this BMV CDL practice test for Ohio can come in handy! Whenever you get fed up of studying the manual, have a go at this 2021 CDL practice test. You will still be learning, but the brilliant images and helpful integrated learning tools make it an enjoyable experience!

This is one of our smaller Ohio CDL practice quizzes, which you should easily be able to fit in at any time of the day when you have a few minutes spare. Once you’re done with general knowledge, you might have a look at our Air Brake endorsement or Combination Vehicle endorsement drivers permit practice test for Ohio – as you’ll need both of these for a Class B license. Happy studying!