If you’re a commercial driving student looking to take your temps test in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati or Dayton, the first thing you need to do is read the Ohio temps test study guide. This vital piece of learning material is written and given out by the BMV, so that commercial driving students can have access to all the information they need for their CDL exams in one, comprehensive manual. The rules of the road and driving laws are the same state-wide, so this one temps book will cover you, whichever region of Ohio you live in. If you’re ready so start learning, you can obtain a free copy of the Ohio BMV handbook for 2021 right away by visiting their website. Hard-copy versions are also available to order, but why wait when you can get access immediately without paying a penny?

Many students wrongly assume that the CDL temps test book is only for people studying for the CDL general knowledge DMV permit test in Ohio – this isn’t the case! As well as containing all the essential driving knowledge needed for the initial CDL permit test, the Ohio BMV handbook includes study material for each of the commercial driving license endorsements. These are basically add-ons for your main license which provide extra qualifications, that may be necessary for certain driving jobs. For example, dealing with hazardous materials would demand that you pass the HazMat endorsement test; while driving a school bus would require a School Bus endorsement. Your Ohio driver’s manual will have a chapter dedicated to every available endorsement; no other study guide is needed to pass these exams. If you haven’t yet passed the general knowledge BMV written test for 2021, you do not need to study any of the endorsement-related material at this stage. Even if you know there is a specific endorsement you will require, that knowledge will be assessed on a separate Ohio DMV written test, so you should stick to CDL general knowledge for now.

Want to know what you should be studying for the CDL general knowledge temps test? The Ohio CDL driving book makes this information really easy to identify. Any material relating to basic vehicle control, road rules, driving laws, safety procedures, road signs and other knowledge that is essential to all commercial drivers should be your focus. At the start of your CDL drivers manual for Ohio, you will find a detailed contents section which shows you were to find material on each of these core topics. Every subject is explored through detailed explanations which are written in easy-to-understand language. Plus, everything is supported by useful images and diagrams which will make studying simpler and more enjoyable!

If you are in any doubt about whether you’re studying to correct material, answering some real permit test practice questions will straighten things out. There may be a few permit test questions included in your Ohio driving test book, but for a nearly unlimited supply of fresh questions you can use a BMV permit practice test from ePermitTest.com! We’ve built a free BMV test practice quiz for every Ohio BMV test associated with the commercial drivers license; whatever exam you’re studying for – we’ll have something for you!

If you’re using the Ohio drivers handbook to study for the CDL general knowledge permit test, we recommend starting with our 20-question BMV practice test for 2021. Then you might want to try a longer quiz like the BMV cheat sheet. Set your wheels on the road to success and start reading the permit test study guide now!

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