Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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This North Carolina drivers license test is somewhat different from regular practice quizzes you have taken previously.  The first, and the most prominent distinction, is the fact that this practice permit test deals with traffic signs and nothing but traffic signs.  Regular DMV practice tests for North Carolina cover a broad range of driving rules and do a great job of teaching you the variety of traffic laws.  However, when you want to concentrate on traffic signs and not be distracted by everything else, this free NC road signs practice test is the way to go.  Another key distinction of this study sheet is the way questions for the exam are selected.  Regular DMV practice tests present you with the same set of questions every time, shuffling the order of questions to keep things interesting, but at the end of the day, they are still the same twenty questions.  This North Carolina traffic sign test is different.  Every time you sign into this page, the system selects twenty random questions from the road sign knowledge base we have built and creates a custom unique NC road sign driving test just for you!  That's right, a new road signs practice test each and every time!  Sure, as you keep retaking the written practice test over and over again, you are bound to start seeing the same questions, but the practice test in its whole will always be unique!  Use this opportunity to cover as many different study questions as you can before you schedule a visit to the DMV!

We already hear you asking the question "how do I now when to stop, how do I know that I am ready for the real NC DMV permit test?"  The same approach works for every practice quiz on the website - you go by your grades.  While the real 2019 NC permit test only requires you answer 80% of questions correctly (that's no more than 5 mistakes out of 25 questions total), we believe that you should work on every practice permit test until you can score no less than 90% every time.  Yes, we know it's a little higher than the DMV requires, but this will only serve you well, it will boost your confidence and provide you with a nice safety-cushion, you won't have to worry about being one question away from failing all the time!

When it comes to using outside study resources and NC road signs study sheets, we always recommend that you begin with the official North Carolina drivers handbook that is distributed by the DMV absolutely free of charge. The 2019 NC drivers sign test is based on the information you will find in the book and most of the questions on this practice permit test are based on the book too.  You will benefit from the manual the most if you read it first and start taking practice tests after you have covered the booklet at least once, but if you prefer to read it while taking our sample practice tests, who are we to stop you?  Do whatever you believe works best for you, the important thing is that you invest time into preparing for the exam!

Keep working on this free North Carolina road signs drivers test (NC) 2019 and feel free to drop any suggestions you may have in the comment box you see above!  Don't forget to share your experience with friends on Facebook, good luck at the DMV!