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Got a friend who tells you that you don't need to study for the NC permit test?  He is not your friend! Sure, there are people who manage to pass the DMV permit test without opening the drivers handbook once, but for every person who passes the knowledge test this way, there are hundreds who don't study and fail. The odds are really against you and we don't recommend anyone to attempt the permit test without investing some time into preparation. Besides, studying for the test does not cost you a thing, all study tools, including this awesome NC DMV practice test and the official drivers manual, are completely free, you'd be a fool not to use this opportunity!

This is the fifth North Carolina permit practice test and it is structured very similarly to other regular DMV practice tests on the website.  The practice test has 20 multiple choice questions (those looking for a DMV practice test NC 25 questions quiz should check out the permit test Simulator on the website) with three or four answers for every question.  Why didn't we go for a DMV practice test with more questions?  Just so you can complete the test faster and not have to spend hours in front of the screen.  We believe that short, intensive study sessions are the way to go, as opposed to studying for hours at a time and this practice permit test is the embodiment of that belief.  You can complete this DMV practice test NC exam in less than 5 minutes and then go about your business until you have another 5 minutes to study.  And if have more time to spend on studying - we have more practice permit tests for you to work on!

Repetition is really the game-changer when it comes to studying for the NC DMV permit test.  Some students complete a DMV practice test once or twice a few months in advance and then go into the DMV office, believing that they are ready for the challenge of the real knowledge exam.  This is definitely not the way to do it.  You must start as early as possible and study all the way through the test date, repeating even those practice permit tests you have passed previously, just to make sure you have not forgotten anything and are truly prepared for the DMV experience.  Another advice we can give you is not to skimp on reviewing those NC DMV test questions you miss before moving on.  This DMV practice test gives you a great opportunity to review your answers once you are done with the test, the system will always show you the correct answer and an explanation for the question so you can understand why that particular answer was chosen.  Don't rush to the next permit practice test, take a moment and review those NC DMV signs and rules you have missed.

Enjoy this free North Carolina DMV practice test (NC) 2019 and don't forget to check out other sample quizzes we have prepared for you! The NC DMV permit test cheat sheet is our personal favorite, and it presents you with 25 new driver handbook questions and answers every time you restart the test, check it out!