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We know that traffic signals is not the most popular topic among students who are getting ready to hit the DMV.  After all, they are common sense, aren't they, why waste any time on learning traffic signals when you could be studying road signs or traffic laws, right?  Wrong! While it is true that the 2020 learners permit test in Nebraska will only feature a few questions on traffic signals, those questions will require in-depth knowledge of traffic regulating devices.  Don't get caught off guard, prepare with our free Nebraska learners permit practice test today!

This learner's permit practice test for Nebraska is quite similar to other practice exams on the site you might have taken: it features 20 multiple choice questions, the system grades you on the fly, the exam is completely free and you can repeat it as many times as you wish.  There are two notable differences, though.  For once, this is a topical learners permit practice test, and the only type of permit test questions you can expect to see here are questions on traffic lights, traffic signals and traffic police.  Another trait that differentiated this permit practice test from regular practice exams you might have taken before is the fact that this sample quiz does not use a preset list of questions, like those exams.  Instead, our free Nebraska learner's permit practice test algorithmically separates questions on traffic signals from the rest of permit test questions in the knowledge base, and then uses these selected questions to build a unique practice permit test for you right there on the spot!  Why is this a great thing?  Because you end up with a new DMV practice test every time you sign into this page!  And you get all of this absolutely free!

A common questions among those applying for a Nebraska learner's permit is how long should you study for before you choose to go into the office and take the exam, how do you know that you are ready for the real thing?  From our experience, the grades you receive on practice driving tests are a good indication of your current skill level and you should work on improving them to a certain threshold before you hit your local DMV office.  It is our recommendation that you don't go to the DMV until you can consistently score 90% or higher every time you take a practice test, this traffic signals learners permit practice test included.  A grade of 90% or higher shows that you know most of the things you needed to learn to pass the drivers permit test the first time you take it.  Sure, a permit test question or two may escape you, but you will still pass the exam with a good safety cushion.   Some applicants make the mistake of breaking their study sessions as soon as they reach the 80% mark, which is the passing score for the real exam.  The problem with this approach is that you are not leaving yourself any space to maneuver, a single missed question can throw you over the ledge and you will have to retake the test again. Make sure you work on raising the grade before you go in.  Finally, we have those who score below 80% each and every time.  If you belong to this group, we recommend that you pick up a copy of the official Nebraska drivers manual and start reading it as you go through these sample exams.  Whenever you miss a question - research the answer in the book.  You can even take notes, writing things down really helps most of us remember things better! You will see your grades improve in no time, and not just on this 2020 Nebraska learners permit practice test, you will start doing much better on any sample exam you choose to take!  Trust us, there is a good reason why the manual is frequently referred to as the Nebraska learners permit book!

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