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Road signs happen to be one of the most underestimated subjects on the Nebraska permit test 2019.  We've seen thousands of first-time applicants who have dedicated countless hours on learning the rules of the road and who have failed to take even a single free DMV practice test that covers road signs.  It's strange, yet understandable - road signs are such a common part of our lives, they surround us everywhere and we quickly grow comfortable in the misguided belief that we know absolutely everything there is to know about them.  Sadly, our expectations of what permit test questions that cover road signs are like have nothing to do with reality - the DMV expects us to demonstrate a significantly higher level of proficiency than we care to achieve before we go into the office for the first time.  Most of us know what a stop sign looks like, but when it comes to identifying road signs by their shape, color, knowing what different groups of signs are and what these groupings are actually for - these things usually escape us, the fact we realize way to late, when we find ourselves in front of the DMV computer.  We want to save you from making this mistake and help you pass the DMV written test the first time you take it!  Don't wait until it is too late, start learning your signs right now, with the help of this free Nebraska road signs practice test! 

The DMV practice test is built similarly to other sample quizzes on the website and contains 20 multiple choice question, with 4 answers provided for every question.  Only one of the answers is correct and the system will not allow you to choose more than a single option (yes, even for those questions that seem to have more than one correct answer).  Always go go for the choice that provides the most detailed, most thorough answer to the question and don't worry if you happen to make a mistake - they are part of the learning process and you will get better over time!  Your Nebraska DMV practice test will always alert you to any mistake you make by highlighting your answer in red and displaying the correct answer to the question next to the one you have chosen.  On top of that, the system will always furnish a detailed description of the road sign you did not recognize.  Don't skip through these descriptions, take a moment to read them and you will learn the signs much faster! Viewing additional information about any sign that is new to you helps you to really anchor that material in our mind and ensures that you won't forget it 10 minutes later!

Once you've gone through all 20 sample questions, your 2019 Nebraska road signs practice test will offer you with yet another chance to review the questions you've missed and display your overall score for the exam.  You may know that we usually recommend that you continue working on a learners permit practice test until you are able to answer 90% of all sample questions correctly.  This is true for most of the practice tests on the website, but we would like you to betray this approach and not quit this test until you nail each and every question on the exam!  The reason why we ask you to do so is because road signs are just so important and it's a great way to score some easy points when you show up at the DMV to take the real permit test!   Five extra minutes you invest into working on this free Nebraska DMV practice test on road signs can really mean the difference between passing and failing the real knowledge exam!

Want to learn the signs even faster?  Grab yourself some study sheets and post them on the wall!  While there are many commercial driving school selling Nebraska road sign study sheets online, you don't actually have to spend much money on these study materials, there are plenty of free options available our there and the official Nebraska drivers manual is the first place to look!  Pages 32-41 of the 2019 permit book contain a list of all road sign you need to know for the permit test, their images and brief descriptions.  Need another hint?  Go ahead and just print those pages out, they make for perfect road sign study sheets and they are 100% free, just like this Nebraska DMV practice test on road signs!  Good luck and don't forget to check out other quizzes on the website!