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Don't bother making up excuses for your lack of motivation to study for the DMV written test - we've heard all of them before!  I don't have much time, the drivers manual is just too extensive, permit test questions will be just common knowledge... These three top the list of rationalizations students come up with when they go into the DMV office, trying to wing the drivers permit test.  There is just one little problem - none of these excuses will fly with the DMV, none of them will help you pass the learners permit test!  The only way to pass is to stop making excuses and to start studying today!  Read on to find out how this Nebraska practice driving test can help you break through the wall of excuses and start working towards your drivers license!

Lack of time is an issue.  We won't be disputing this, it's self evident and life is getting busier every day.  You've got hundreds of chores to run, lessons to attend, a job and you still want to spend some time with friends and family. Add drivers ed lessons to the picture and you will really hate the fact that you need to spend hours in front of the computer studying for the stupid learners permit test.  The thing is - you really don't have to!  Studying for the DMV written test does not take quite as much time as you have imagined!  For instance, completing this free Nebraska drivers permit practice test only takes five minutes! Anyone can do five minutes and today, you don't even have to be in front of the computer while you're taking the exam!  Sign into the practice test from your iPhone and you've got yourself the ultimate mobile permit test study tool you can take anywhere!  Commuting to work?  Sign in and do the test!  Eating lunch? Sign in and take the test! Lazing on the couch in front of the TV on Sunday?  Sign in and do your Nebraska drivers license practice test at least once!  As you continue doing so, these moments will add up and by the time your DMV appointment comes around, you will be fully covered! It's really that easy!

Let's go to excuse number 2, the one used by thousands of students who go into the DMV office without opening the drivers handbook once - there is just too much stuff to study. There is some truth to this statement - the traffic law is quite extensive and learning it may seem like an overwhelming ordeal.  That is, unless you break it into smaller portions, just like our learners permit practice tests do!  You might have already noticed that this free Nebraska practice driving test has only 20 questions. Why not 50?  Why not 100?  Why not 500, we sure do have enough DMV permit test questions and answers to build a massive quiz like that.  The reason is very simple - a large quiz requires a lot of time to be completed and is likely to do more damage than good - you'll start feeling overwhelmed by the task and very soon you'll just drop out and stop studying altogether.  A quick quiz is much easier to manage and so instead of doing one large exam, you do a few smaller ones!  You can do the same thing with the official Nebraska drivers manual - simply divide it into chapters and read one chapter every day!  Don't bother with trying to memorize every word in the book, just pay attention to things that seem important and let our DMV practice tests beat you into shape!

Finally, the "common knowledge" excuse.  We are not even going to argue the point of permit test questions being "common knowledge" and will let failure rates speak for us.  Officially, half of all first time drivers license applicants fail the written drivers permit test the first time they take it.  And by the way, these numbers don't make any distinctions between those who did study and those who did not, so you can only guess what your chances of passing the knowledge test without studying really are.  We would say that only one out of ten people who are trying to wing the exam manage to pass, definitely not the odds you want to be playing against.  With this in mind - don't stress over it too much as you are already on the right track and your Nebraska drivers permit practice test will see you nail the knowledge test the first time you take it as long as you persist and keep on studying! 

Enjoy the exam and remember - the tool is only as good as the person wielding it!  Spend sufficient time working on this Nebraska driving practice test 2019 and you'll pass, choose to ignore it and you will end up having to visit the DMV multiple times, the choice is yours!