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There is absolutely nothing like taking your first practice permit test - the excitement, the anticipation of the grade, the challenge...  Having taken thousands of different practice quizzes, we are extremely envious of those who just set foot on this path.  We are here to make your first steps easy and enjoyable, so let's open up with a quick free Nebraska learners permit practice test 2020 for beginners!  By the way, even if you believe that you are past the beginner level, go ahead and complete the quiz anyway, see if you can score 90% or higher on the exam the first time!

Those of you who were hunting for a learners permit practice test with hundreds of different questions and were surprised to find that this sample knowledge quiz contains just twenty of them - chill!  There is a good reason why we chose to limit the number of permit test questions and answers on this learners permit exam.  Multiple studies show that there is such a thing as being overloaded with information and opting into a learners permit practice test with hundreds of questions when you are just starting to learn the rules of the road is just a thing like that.  The approach "study as many different questions as you can" doesn't really work that well and you are bound to waste a lot of unnecessary time if you decide to set off down that road.  When you take a huge practice quiz and miss half of the questions, you are highly unlikely to memorize more than a few correct answers out of the questions you've missed and you may still forget those very quickly as you are being bombarded by the score of new questions that just keep coming and coming.  This is why you really have to start slow and begin learning road rules and road signs with a Nebraska learners permit practice test that offers fewer questions.  A practice permit test like that is more manageable and will allow you to learn at a faster pace.  Once you are comfortable with one quiz, simply move on to the next practice exam as they get progressively harder!

Your first free learners permit practice test for Nebraska features 20 multiple choice questions that cover a great range of driving rules and road signs.  You will find that most of the questions are quite simple, as they were designed to instill confidence and encourage you go continue learning.  All sample knowledge test questions feature four possible answers, but only one of those answers is correct.  Never rush with picking the first option that looks correct, make sure you read through all of the answers before making your selection.  Our Nebraska learner's permit practice test provides instantaneous feedback and you will know whether you answered a question correctly immediately.  It gets better, though.  Not only will you see the right answer to the question you have just missed, you will also be presented with a detailed explanation of the driving rule in question.  Reading these explanations as you go through the drivers practice test can save you hours of time you will have to invest into reading the DMV manual (having said this, we still think that you should skim through the DMV handbook at least once before you begin taking these practice quizzes).

Those with a keen eye may have already noticed the self-help section we have prepared for you, some of you might have even gotten a chance to use it once or twice.  Good on you, this is exactly what they were built for, to help you with DMV permit test questions you can't answer off the top of your head!  Even though this free Nebraska learners permit practice test was designed for beginners, you are bound to encounter a few questions like that and fortunately, you don't have to resort to choosing a random answer, you can call upon the  study aids instead!  We believe that you should always start with "hints", additional pieces of information that will nudge you towards the right answer.  If you requested a hint, yet still cannot find the right answer, use the 50/50 option, it will instantly remove two incorrect answers from the screen and leave you to decipher the right answer among the remaining two options!  Now, we do have a quick warning for you - before you move on to the next exam, try to complete this online practice learners permit test for Nebraska without using any study aids at least once and make sure you have learned all of these test questions.