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Do you find yourself getting confused about which endorsement exams you’ll need to take for the CDL Class A permit test in Mississippi? We’re here to help you! On this website you will find information to guide you through the entire MS DMV permit test process, plus several Class A drivers license practice tests to get your commercial driving knowledge in shape ready for the exams. Class A is the highest-level license type which qualifies holders to drive some of the heaviest and most powerful vehicles on our roads, including livestock transportation vehicles, flat-bed trucks and buses. Consequently, anybody wishing to pass the Mississippi Class A test will need to take a minimum of two extra endorsement exams, though depending on what you want to do you might require more.

The two compulsory endorsements required by Class A commercial drivers are Air Brake and Combination Vehicles. This is quite simply because all vehicles in this class use air brakes and most qualify as combination vehicles, so aspiring Class A drivers must be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of how these elements effect safety and vehicle operation. The other possible endorsements you may need to obtain include Passenger, HazMat, School Bus and Tank; for instance, driving a liquid transportation vehicle would require the Tank endorsement, while a large school bus would require the School Bus endorsement. These exams are quite manageable, in that they only contain around 20 multiple-choice DMV test questions each. Your main concern should be the CDL general knowledge MS DPS test, which is the first exam you’ll need to take and contains 50 multiple-choice and “true or false” questions. The 2020 DPS practice test for Mississippi you’ve found on this page is specifically designed to help you prepare for the general knowledge exam – you will not find questions relating to Class A endorsements on the quiz. When you do eventually need DMV test practice for an endorsement exam, you will be able to find a suitable DPS CDL practice test for MS elsewhere on our website.

You will need to read the Mississippi DMV handbook thoroughly in preparation for the general knowledge exam. Fortunately, this Class A license MS practice test can take the pressure off by quizzing you on what you’ve learned and providing a fun break from studying! It addresses all the key topic areas that are outlined in the DPS handbook, including basic vehicle control, vehicle inspection, skid control, seasonal driving considerations, road signs and road rules. Just like the actual DMV permit test, our Class A general knowledge practice test for Mississippi uses multiple-choice questions, though we have included less than half the amount to make it suitable for beginners! There are also some great images and user-friendly guidance tools included on this quiz, but the best news is yet to come. This MS CDL practice test is completely free to use, no matter how many times you choose to complete it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not completely convinced that a Class A license is what you’re going for. Luckily, the general knowledge DMV test in Mississippi is identical for Class C, Class B and Class A drivers! So, our DPS practice permit test is also suitable for everybody. There is no time like the present, so if you’ve decided you want to become a commercial driver, why not try our quiz out now? You’ll need to answer 16 out of 20 questions correctly, which is the same percentage pass-mark as the real exam. Good luck!