Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Attitude matters - even more so when it comes to taking the motorcycle drivers test at the DMV! Being able to walk into the DMV office, knowing that you can handle whatever the DMV throws at you gives you an incredible advantage over someone who is feeling stressed and nervous.  While there are some people who perform better under stress, most of us regular folks don't, we don't live up to our fullest potential when we keep on second-guessing our answers and spend hours trying to decide on the best option.  Studying for the motorcycle driving test is what gives you the knowledge needed to pass, the Simulator helps you boost your confidence level!  Take the motorcycle practice test and find out your chances of passing the real exam the first time you take it!

The Louisiana motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator is an exact replica of the real permit test you will take at your local DMV office!  25 multiple choice questions that cover the entire span of driving rules and road signs and are based on the official Louisiana motorcycle drivers ed book, a minimum passing grade of 80%, immediate grading and complete absence of study aids - the practice test has everything to allow for complete submergence into the DMV experience.  Don't let this number of questions fool you, though - motorcycle driving test questions on the Simulator will change every time you take the quiz!  Unlike a regular motorcycle DMV practice test, the system does not have a predefined set of questions and uses it's connection to the question bank of over 200 Louisiana motorcycle permit test questions and answers instead.  Whenever you begin the test, the system chooses 25 new sample DMV questions and builds a custom exam for you right on the spot!  The process is repeated every time and you end up with a new unique practice permit test no matter how many times you take the exam.  This ensures that you are always challenged and helps you avoid any bias (we know how tempting concentrating on easy questions may be sometimes!).  Completing this Louisiana motorcycle practice driving test once takes fifteen minutes to half an hour, depending on your pace, make sure you won't be distracted during this period (the practice quiz is not timed, but you must finish it without interruptions if you want to get valid results). 

How do you make the most out of this free Louisiana DMV motorcycle practice test?  Quite easily, to be honest.  Take the test once or twice, if you have the time (completing the test a few times and using the average of your grades increases the accuracy of results) and take note of your grades, they serve as a great marker of your current progress.  The real motorcycle learners permit test you take at the DMV requires you to score at least 80% in order to be awarded with a learners permit, this means answering at least 40 questions correctly.  With this in mind, we recommend that you don't go to the DMV until you can complete this motorcycle permit test quiz without making more than 2 mistakes, which amounts to the score of 90%.  This is your safety cushion that allows you a greater margin for error during the real exam.

Those who are able to score 90% or higher consistently - schedule an appointment for your Louisiana motorcycle driving test immediately and take it as soon as possible!  Don't stop studying until the day of your exam, just take a few quizzes every day and stay in good shape.   If you keep scoring between 80% and 90% - don't rush to the DMV office just yet, but don't despair either - you are very close and just need one final push to get there!  We suggest that you switch to using the Louisiana motorcycle driving test cheat sheet, a practice test that is structured just like the Simulator, yet provides for a better learning experience due to the presence of integrated study aids.  Can't answer 20 questions correctly?  Start from the very first motorcycle practice permit test you see on the site and work your way back up to the Simulator!  All DMV practice tests on the site are arranged in the order of rising difficulty and will present you with increasingly more challenging questions as your skill grows, you will feel like a pro by the time you end up back at the permit test Simulator! 

Perfect practice makes perfect - keep practicing, keep working on this free Louisiana motorcycle driving permit test Simulator 2019 and good luck at the DMV office!