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A typical Louisiana driving test cheat sheet you can download online is a fairly simple thing - you download a list of motorcycle driving test answers, without any instruction, guidance or a clear way of using them.  And by the way, if you thought of downloading those DMV  questions onto your iPhone and taking them into the DMV office when you go in to take the real motorcycle drivers permit test - you can forget about that right now!  There is one thing students seem to miss - the Louisiana motorcycle driving permit test is not an open-book exam, you cannot pull out your phone (or any book or print out, for that matter) and simply start copying answers into the DMV computer.  The moment you are observed trying to pull a stunt like that, your exam is failed and you are escorted out of the office.  We said this before and we'll keep on saying it again and again - we don't believe in cheating on the motorcycle permit test, this is why we have taken a completely different approach while designing this free DMV cheat sheet!

Those who already had a chance to play with other exams on the website may notice that this Louisiana motorcycle drivers test cheat sheet looks suspiciously similar to other DMV practice tests on the website.  This is partially true, but only partially!  The motorcycle permit test cheat sheet is a DMV practice test like no other!  For starters, it is shaped just like the real 2019 motorcycle drivers permit test you take at the DPS!  Twenty five multiple choice questions that cover traffic rules and road signs, an identical grading system that grades the exam as you go, questions that are based on the 2019 Louisiana motorcycle drivers manual (some of the questions coming straight from the knowledge exam itself).  And by the way, don't let the number of questions fool you - while the motorcycle practice permit test only displays you 25 DMV questions at once, the real number of sample questions is much larger!  The DMV cheat sheet is hooked up to a knowledge base of over 200  Louisiana motorcycle permit test answers and the system selects 25 random questions from this knowledge base every time you start working on the quiz, providing you with unique testing experience time after time!  This will prove especially useful to those who can't stand having to redo the same quiz multiple times and get bored of it easily!

The set up you see in this free Louisiana motorcycle drivers cheat sheet is quite similar to that of the Simulator, but there is one small variation that makes a whole world of difference and that is the accessibility of integrated study aids!  The motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator is a self-assessment tool that allows you to gauge your skills, but offers limited value when it comes to actually learning something new. We recommend that you use the Simulator as the final checkpoint before you head off to the DMV to take the real motorcycle written test and switch to this permit test cheat sheet whenever you want to learn something new (depending on your current level pf preparation, you may want to start with regular practice permit tests first).  Your 2019 motorcycle DMV cheat sheet contains two types of integrated study aids - hints and the 50/50 button.  Hints are small snippets of information that nudge you in the right direction without giving the answer away, they should be your first choice whenever you find yourself stuck at a difficult question.  The 50/50 button is useful when you cannot decide between two similar answers - clicking on the button immediately hides two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a simple choice of choosing the right answer among the remaining two options.   Don't be shy about using these study aids, but don't grow reliant on them either - remember that you cannot use any outside study materials at the DMV office!

Last but not least - the official Louisiana motorcycle driving test study guide.  Don't hesitate to keep the book open the entire time you're working on this DMV cheat sheet and research any question you find troublesome with the help of the manual.  The book contains all Louisiana motorcycle permit test answers, so dig in and don't worry about the time it takes - this free DMV practice test is not timed, take as long as you need to explore and investigate tonnes of useful info in that book!   You could even download a pdf file with the book to your computer and print all of the pages with traffic signs to use them as road sign study sheets, the book is very versatile!

Enjoy your free Louisiana motorcycle driving test cheat sheet 2019 and don't hesitate to comment if you need help with any of the questions on the test!