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“I don't have time to study for the KY permit test” is no longer a valid excuse! You don't need much time, in fact, 5 minutes is all it takes to complete this Kentucky practice permit test on road signs once! There is a reason why we have chosen not to throw hundreds of permit test questions and answers at you all at once – we want you to take this practice test whenever you have a moment to spare! No need to schedule lengthy study sessions and struggle with fiddling them into your busy schedule, prepare for the knowledge exam on your terms. Riding a bus to school? Log into the site and take this free KY practice permit test! Lunch break? Log into the site and learn a few new road signs. Waiting for a work buddy? Log into the site and get one step closer to passing the permit test on your first attempt! Seriously, it doesn't take much to pass the DMV exam, be that the traffic rules or road signs, a little patience, a little persistence and you will get there!

This free Kentucky road signs practice permit tests consists of 20 multiple choice questions that will allow you to start learning the signs. The practice test is aimed primarily at beginners, but don't let that stop you – complete the practice test at least once, if you are able to answer at least 18 questions correctly, simply move on to the next quiz, all DMV  practice tests are arranged in the order of rising difficulty. Those who did not achieve this grade on the first attempt – don't stress about the mistakes you make, they are part of the learning process! Making mistakes now helps you pinpoint the signs you have missed while reading the drivers manual, you can learn them now and make sure you don't make the same error while taking the real exam. Whenever you answer one of the sample questions incorrectly, the Kentucky practice permit test will display the right answer next to the one you have chosen and provide you with more details about the question (saves you time on having to research the handbook for these answers). Read these explanations and move on! Once you get to the page with results, just check your overall grade and repeat the quiz if your score is below 90%! It will not take long for your grades to reach the required minimum, at which point you can move on to the next practice permit test we have prepared for you!

Those looking for some extra study materials to help the through the exam should refer to the official Kentucky drivers manual! We know what you're thinking right now: why read the handbook, a friend of mine has not read it and he passed. This may be true and some people do pass the exam without opening the book once, but if you really want to maximize your chances at the DMV, reading the book is just the thing! There is a good reason why the book is frequently referred to as the Kentucky permit book – it really has everything you need to know to pass the exam and get your drivers permit, including a list of road signs for the permit test! Do the smart thing and read the book before you show up at the drivers license office!

Enjoy this free Kentucky road sign practice permit test (KY) 2020 and don't hesitate to give us a shout once you pass the real exam! Good luck!