Passing the KY learners permit test will be your first hurdle on the path to becoming a fully qualified driver. This 40-question assessment deals with basic driving knowledge that new learners need to know before getting on the road, such as rules of the road, road signs, pavement markings and issues concerning driving under the influence. With this DMV written test out of the way, you will be ready and legally qualified to start practicing your driving skills under supervision. To drive unsupervised, learner drivers must pass the practical road skills exam by demonstrating that they can perform essential maneuvers safely, while being observed by an examiner. All the information and tools you need to make it through both stages of Kentucky DMV test successfully can be found here, on

As an aspiring driver, you are undoubtedly keen to know everything there is to know about controlling your vehicle and getting out on the road. If you want to get hold of your learner’s permit as soon as possible, put the thought of driving skills and other practical topics to one side for the time being. As mentioned in the opening above, you must pass the KY DMV written test before you can consider any other part of your training journey. That 40-question assessment is administered in two parts; 30 questions will be dedicated to rules of the road and 10 questions will target road signs. Unlike some other states which implement split tests, the Kentucky permit test is graded as a single paper. You will need to provide at least 32 correct permit test answers across the 40 available questions. That equates to a relatively challenging passing grade of 80% or higher. If you are set on passing during the first attempt, its time to start getting acquainted with rules of the road, road signs and pavement markings.

The two best resources from which to learn about these topics are the KY DMV handbook for 2024 applicants and our free driver’s education course. The handbook lists every road rule and road sign you need to learn but does not provide much supporting information to help you get to grips with the material. This is where our drivers ed course comes in! Using the essential study material in the driving manual, we have created a comprehensive program broken down into manageable lessons and modules. Working through the “Rules of the Road” and “Signs, Signals & Markings” sections of the course while also referring to the driver’s handbook will make sure you are completely comfortable with everything you need to know, prior to the Kentucky DMV permit test.

As you become more confident in your knowledge of road signs and road rules, you can start reserving a portion of your study time towards the end of each session (or at the start, if you prefer) to answering questions on our DMV practice permit test for Kentucky applicants. We provide a whole range of DMV practice tests to make sure you have had the chance to apply everything you could be asked about during the permit test. There are no restrictions placed on the number of times each quiz can be used and they are all completely free – so why not take one for a spin today?

Sooner than you think, the KY DMV permit test will be out of the way and you will be ready to start learning to drive. When this happens, revisit our free drivers education course to find out about defensive driving, vehicle control, roadway scanning techniques, driving in hazardous conditions and everything else you need to know, to keep yourself safe on the roads.

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