Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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For those who don't mind taking a shortcut now and then, we have prepared a special treat - a FREE DMV cheat sheet for the 2019 Kentucky permit test!  Hundreds of multiple choice permit test questions on road rules and traffic signs, all tailored to a single goal - helping you attain a drivers permit as quickly and hassle-free as possible!   And here is one thing you never expected to hear - not only do we allow you to cheat on this practice permit test, we strongly encourage it!  Get your mean streak out with this free Kentucky DMV Cheat Sheet 2019!

There is one thing we want to be crystal clear about right from the start - you can do whatever you desire on this KY practice permit test - look for answers in the drivers permit manual, get help from friends or relatives, cheat in any other way you can think of.  However, when it comes to taking the real Kentucky permit test in 2019, we strongly advise against trying to cheat the DMV.   Trust us, the risks of being caught are not worth it!  If the clerks observe you cheating during your learner's permit exam, you are failed immediately and you are likely to be banned from the office for quite a while.  Just imagine the humiliation of being escorted from the facilities while everyone's watching, do you really want to chance that?  Probably not.  Our KY DMV permit test cheat sheet is here to show you that the amount of time that needs to be invested into preparing for the permit test is much less than the effort of preparing to cheat and cheating on the exam!  If you structure your study sessions the right way and use appropriate study materials (yes, this means this free DMV cheat sheet and every other Kentucky permit practice test on the website), you can prepare for the drivers permit test in the matter of hours!

How do most people prepare for the learners permit test?  One of the popular ways to study the rules is to read the Kentucky permit test book, also known as a drivers manual.  People download a copy of the drivers handbook off the DMV website and then do their best to memorize as much information from the book as possible.  Does it work?  Well, if you eidetic memory, it does!  For the rest of us normal people, it does not usually work out that great.

There is a second category of people who believe that the only thing they need to pass the KY drivers permit test the first time is free practice permit tests.  They find as many different practice exams as they can and keep cramming those permit test questions until they feel ready and prepared.  Are they?  In most cases, the answer is no.   Studying practice quizzes or a free Kentucky DMV cheat sheet on its own won't guarantee you a pass on the drivers permit test the first time you take it.

The key to passing the KY permit test in 2019 is combining those two study techniques.  Yes, it's that simple.  All you need is to read a drivers manual once (and don't worry if you can't memorize every single detail, just skim over the book) and then follow up with this Kentucky DMV cheat sheet or free practice permit tests.  Don't throw the book away just yet, though:   whenever you can't answer a permit test question on the practice quiz, just research the answer in the book.  Keep doing that for every question on the practice exam and you will notice how your learning curve is starting to spike in no time at all!

Our Kentucky DMV permit test cheat sheet is really a massive practice permit test with hundreds of DMV questions and a number of in-built study aids that we  call "cheats".  These study aids can be used with or in lieu of the drivers handbook, they make learning faster and more fun.  At the moment, the DMV cheat sheet has two cheats: the 50/50 option and HINTs.  Those who have already gone through some of our other permit practice tests probably know how these options work, but here is a quick overview for those who are just getting started on the exam.  Hints will provide you with additional information about the question, directing you to the right answer.  They are subtle and require you to be familiar with the subject to be able to answer the question correctly.  The 50/50 button works in a much more direct way: clicking on the button immediately hides two incorrect answers from the screen.  Now you only have two answers to choose from and one of them is definitely right, kind of hard to miss it in this setting!

If you prefer a practice permit test for KY that follows the same format, but does not have any study aids, make sure to check out the Kentucky Practice Permit Test Simulator!  With over 500 permit test questions on signs and rules, it is one of the best and most extensive practice quizzes out there!