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There is absolutely nothing we love more than bringing you new practice permit tests!  Going to the movies?  Nope, practice tests!  Shooting a few hoops with a buddy?  Guess again, practice tests!  Taking a nice long ride on a motorcycle?  Wrong, working on a new KY permit practice test!  This is why we are so excited to present you with a new awesome free Kentucky permit practice test that was developed specifically for the 2019 drivers permit exam.  Twenty absolutely new questions on traffic signs and  road rules, detailed explanations for each and every question, helpful study aids to carry you through any troublesome question, here we go!

There is one thing we would like you to do before you start working on this practice quiz and that is to read the drivers manual.  That's right, the book you wanted to avoid reading, we want you to download a copy and go over it at least once.   Don't worry, you don't have to learn it by heart, in fact, we advise against it.  Just skim over the book, skipping sections that talk about obtaining a drivers license, and that's it!  Trust us, it will make a world of difference later down the road, passing the permit test will be like a breath to you!

Now that you are done with the manual, let's start working on this free permit practice test for KY!  The practice quiz has twenty multiple choice questions that mimic the real test and cover a wide scope of driving rules.  Drug and alcohol awareness laws, parking on hills, speed limits, fines and penalties, turning, signaling, road signs...  If the real permit test covers the topic, so does our 2019 Kentucky permit practice test!   And don't worry if you cannot answer all of the questions the first time, all it takes is a little patience!  If you are not happy with your grade the first time you take the exam (and we believe that nothing below the score of 90% should satisfy you), just keep on retaking it until you reach the target mark!  While the order of questions on the practice test may change, the questions themselves will remain essentially the same, allowing you to review and revise them as much as you need!

This is an interactive practice permit test and it will score your exam on the go!  As soon as you answer one of the questions on this Kentucky permit practice test 2019, the system will show you whether you are right or wrong and, should you make a mistake and choose an incorrect answer, highlight the right choice.   In addition to that, the practice quiz will display detailed explanations for each question you miss.   Make sure to read these explanations carefully, they will help you memorize the driving rules much quicker and you won't have to refer to the Kentucky permit test book quite as often.

Those who have already taken the first Kentucky practice permit test (KY) on the website are already familiar with the study aids available with every practice test on the website, everyone else, listen up!  Whenever you are stuck on a question, you don't have to randomly pick an answer and hope for the best!  Use our study aids, marked as "HINTS" and "50/50" and we are sure you will be able to navigate your way out of any trouble!  Hints are snippets of additional information about the question that will help you find the right answer.  The 50/50 option works in a much more direct way, it removes half of incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a simple 50/50 choice.  Play around with these study aids, see how you like them!

Once you are happy with your grade on this Kentucky permit practice test, move on to the next quiz or jump straight to the Kentucky permit test simulator!  Good luck!