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Is there anything you love more than new sample questions for the 2020 Kansas drivers license test?  Sure!  It's FREE sample questions for the license test!  Everyone loves freebies and we love giving them away!  We have prepared a completely new and exciting practice permit test for you, the one to cover one of the most important, yet widely disregarded and ignored topic - traffic lights and traffic signals!  Go ahead and try yourself against our free Kansas drivers license practice test on traffic signals!  Takes under five minutes to complete!

Now, you may think that there is nothing easier in the world of driving rules than traffic signals.  We are exposed to them from a very early age, we learn how to obey a traffic light even before we go to school, why would we want to spend time learning something new about them?  For once, you have to consider the differences between traffic lights for pedestrians and the ones used to direct traffic flow.  A traffic light for pedestrians rarely has more than two signals - green, which means "go"; and red - a universal color for danger, requiring you to stop.  When it comes to traffic signals designed for traffic, you have to mind additional signals.  There is yellow, which is an intermediary between red and green, there is a bunch of different-colored arrows you have to learn and then there are combinations of these signals.  On top of that, there are rules that govern situations when you can ignore a traffic signal, for example, making a right turn under the red signal, and there are rules that teach you what to do when the traffic light is nor working altogether or when traffic is being controlled by a policeman.  As you can see, there ARE things you could learn about traffic signals and our free drivers license practice test for Kansas will help you with that!

If this is not the first drivers practice test you take at ePermitTest.com, chances are you are already familiar with the way our practice exams work.  This practice permit test follows the trend - you get 20 question on traffic lights, all questions are multiple choice, only one of the provided answers is correct.  Just like all other sample knowledge test quizzes on the site, this Kansas driving practice test offers immediate feedback, you are graded on the go and you are being alerted every time you happen to miss a question (let's hope it doesn't happen too often!).  Once you are done with the practice test, you are taken to a page with your results, where you can see your overall score and review any of the questions you might have happened to miss (don't forget to share that page on social networks, especially if you got a great score, see if any of your friends can beat you!).

So what's different about this practice driving test, apart from the fact that it only covers traffic lights and traffic signals?  The difference lies in the way we select sample permit test questions and answers for the exam.  While regular practice tests will use the same set of questions over and over again, no matter how many times you take them, this free Kansas drivers permit practice test will draw random questions from a large knowledge base and build a brand-new, unique practice quiz every time!  This gives you unlimited chances to practice your driving chops and arrive to the DMV exam fully prepared and confident that you will pass the first time!

Need some additional study materials?  Nothing could be easier!  Just grab a copy of the 2020 Kansas drivers license handbook, it's free and you can read it online, download it to you smartphone or print it out (although, in our opinion, that would be a waste of paper, in the today's world of technology).  Sure, the boos is a little outdated and it is not the most exciting publication in the world, but it does work, the real drivers license test is based on the information from this manual and nothing else!   Traffic signals are located on page 36 of the current copy, be sure to check it out!

Keep working on this free Kansas driving test practice quiz 2020 until you can answer no less than 18 questions correctly each and every time!  Good luck at the DMV!