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If you believe that spending time on studying road signs for the Kansas permit test is a waste of time, let us tell you right here and now - you are wrong!  Sorry, but this is the kind of mistake that may cost you your drivers license!  Road signs is an extremely important part of the drivers permit test all over the country, in fact, some states choose to dedicate as much as half of all driving test questions to traffic signs!  Knowing this, there is simply no excuse to not studying!  Don't make the mistake, prepare for the driving test with our free Kansas road signs practice permit test 2020!

We believe that the reason why so many first-time drivers license applicants choose not to include road signs into their permit test study sessions is because they believe that they already know everything there is to know about Kansas traffic signs!  A common misconception is that drivers permit test questions are all common sense and that you won't see any permit test questions that go beyond the basic signs, such as the stop sign or the yield sign.  Everyone knows those, so why study?  The fact is that this common misconception could not be further from the truth.  Sure, common road signs are included into the permit test and you will see questions that cover the stop sign during the exam, our road signs drivers practice test for Kansas covers them too, but there is so much more stuff to learn!  Take the skill of identifying road signs by shape and by color, the skill that helps you differentiate between different signs when you are traveling past them at high speed or when you are driving at night or during a heavy rain.   The skill is absolutely crucial and you will be tested on it when you show up at the DMV doorstep.  Differentiating between road signs that are highly similar - another important thing to learn.  Do you know what the "merging traffic" sign looks like?  What about "weave area"?  "Added lane"?  They all look similar, but they mean different things and you need to know the difference if you want to pass your Kansas drivers license test the first time you take it!

Have no fear, though, as you are in the right place to learn these things and our comprehensive Kansas road sign driving practice test 2020 got you covered!  With over one hundred sample practice questions on road signs, you will be able to fly through the real test like a pro!  Here is how it works: every time you take the practice quiz, you get 20 multiple choice questions.  Every question has only one possible answer, keep that in mind and don't try to choose more then one option, the system will always accept your first choice only.  You cannot correct your answers once you have made a selection, so choose wisely (we are getting ahead of yourself here, but don't worry too much if you happen to miss a question or two, you will be able to retake the exam free of charge as many times as you need).  The drivers practice test is graded on the fly and you will now whether you answered a question correctly immediately.  Should you make a mistake, we will show you the right answer so you can actually learn from the experience.  Once you are done with the whole practice permit test, you will be presented with your overall score and a chance to review all of the permit test questions you have missed once again.

Here is the fun part - while this free drivers license practice test on Kansas road signs shows 20 questions every time you take the exam, these questions will keep on changing as you keep in retaking the quiz.  The practice test chooses these questions randomly from a large pool of sample questions on road signs and it custom-builds a new and unique practice exam just for you.  With such a large number of questions in the knowledge base, it creates a limitless opportunity to learn and practice!  Use it wisely and don't stop working on the road signs practice quiz until you can score 90% or higher each and every time you take it!