Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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If we were asked to pick the single most important topic on the 2020 Kansas drivers license test, road signs would be given this honor, with the next competitor lagging so far behind you wouldn't be able to see him. This is why it is amazing that many drivers license applicants choose to visit the DMV without ever taking a single Kansas permit practice test on signs! We keep stressing this over and over again - road signs are of huge importance and at the same time they are easy to learn, there is really no better way to secure some easy point on your learners permit test than by investing some time into studying the signs that will be on the knowledge exam! The reason why many students choose to ignore road signs in favor of "more important" topics is quite simple - most of us overestimate our level of proficiency in this field. Road signs are part of our every-day life and we are so accustomed to them that our minds simply refuses to admit the notion that there is something we don't know about them.  At the same time, the DMV really expects us to go beyond the basics we've managed to pick up on previously and most of the Kansas permit test questions require us to demonstrate advanced level of proficiency in the field. This includes knowing how road signs are classified into different groups, how road signs shapes and colors dictate their meaning and what signs take priority when you have to make quick choices.  If you don't know these things yet, don't stress - there is still time to learn and it doesn't take long, but you must start right now, with this 2020 Kansas permit practice test!

The practice permit test consists of 20 essential permit test questions on Kansas road signs that serve as an introduction to the field.  All questions are multiple choice, most of them come with a great image to help you learn how these signs actually look.  Every question provides you with four answers, only one of them being correct.  The exam is not timed, so there is no point in trying to complete it as quickly as possible.  In fact, we strongly advise against rushing through the test as it is bound to cause a large number of mistakes that could have been avoided and reduce the learning value of the exam. Slow down and take your time to work through every question, forget about the clock as you are not racing anyone.  Whenever you make a mistake, our Kansas practice permit test will alert you to the error by marking your answer in red.  The correct answer will be displayed in green, along with a detailed description for the corresponding road sign.  This kind of constant feedback will be provided throughout the entire exam and will help you learn without having to use any outside materials in the process.  We are big fans of using as many different sources and study aids as possible, but you should not try and do that simultaneously - staying focused throughout the exam is extremely important!

Speaking of additional study materials - we suggest that you get yourself some Kansas road sign study sheets and post them on the wall in your bedroom before you start working on this Kansas practice permit test.  There are plenty of free and paid study sheets out there, offered by multiple commercial driving schools, but we recommend that you use the ones from the Kansas drivers license exam book, the manual you may know as the driving test study guide.  Pages 29-39 contain a list of all Kansas traffic signs you'll need for your DMV written test and you can easily make that list into a study sheet. The book can be downloaded from the DMV website in the form of a pdf file and once you have it on your computer, just print out all of the corresponding pages and you've got yourself a set of road signs study sheet that cost you 10 sheets of printing paper!  You won't find a better deal out there!

Good luck and remember - the tool is only as good as the personal wielding it and you must invest time into studying if you want to pass.  Enjoy your free Kansas road signs permit practice test 2020 and don't quit until you can answer every question on the test correctly!