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Let us make one thing clear from the start - we do not condone cheating on the real Kansas permit test and we would never ask you to do so!  A DMV cheat sheet is a learning tool, just like the drivers license manual and free regular practice permit tests, use it responsibly to study sample permit test questions on signs and rules and prepare for the real knowledge test!  Don't fall for scams selling a magic pdf file you can download to your smart phone, prepare for the real exam with our free Kansas DMV permit test cheat sheet today!

What is this DMV cheat sheet and how is it different from all other DMV permit test cheat sheets for Kansas you can find out there?  Well, for starters, we are not going to lie to you and offer to print out a pdf file with answers to the real Kansas permit test.  Not because we are the bad guys who don't want to help a brother out, but because it's a completely useless endeavor.  Most of the websites that are trying to sell a DMV cheat sheet like that are complete scam and will simply offer a print out of sample questions you can get without paying a dime.  Will these questions be on the real DMV test?  Probably not.  Will they help you pass the permit test the first time you take it?  Unlikely.  Can you end up wasting your time, money and getting in trouble with the DMV clerks?  Most certainly!  

We decided to go a completely different way and our free Kansas DMV cheat sheet is really a grand DMV practice test with hundreds of permit test questions and answers.  Where do we get these questions?  Some are submitted by other users who have already taken the real drivers permit test, some are developed by us and they are highly identical to the questions you can expect to see at the DMV office.  All of the DMV permit test questions are based on the official Kansas drivers handbook 2020, the manual you are advised to read at least once before you chance a visit to a local DMV office.  Seriously, if you are one of those people who want to do everything possible to maximize their chances of passing the learners permit test the first time they take it, there is no excuse to not reading the booklet!  Even if you don't memorize every single detail from the manual, just skimming through the book for 10-15 minutes a day can do a world of good and substantially increase your knowledge of the state driving laws. 

Our free Kansas DMV practice test 2020 is structured after the real permit test, it uses the same format, the same number of questions and even the same grading system to help you grow accustomed to the whole DMV experience.  This means 25 multiple choice questions every time you take the exam and you will need no less than 20 correct answers to pass.  Having said that, we recommend that you don't stop working on the DMV practice permit test until your score rises to at least 90%, you really want to leave yourself a safety cushion for that real drivers license test and stopping at 80% is cutting it very close.  Don't worry, it does not take that long to achieve that score, just keep on practicing and you will get there!

Those worried that the online DMV practice test does not have sufficient materials to pass the exam - stop right there!  This free Kansas permit test cheat sheet is absolutely loaded with questions and you will be hard pressed to cover all of them.  The cheat sheet does not use  fixed set of questions, instead, it chooses 25 random questions from the knowledge base and builds a unique exam every time you access the page.  With over 500 Kansas permit test questions and answers in the knowledge base, your chances of getting an identical practice quiz twice are close to none!  This is an unlimited opportunity to prepare for the DMV permit test and we are giving it away for free!

Remember, all you need to pass the knowledge test the first time is the right set of study tools and some perseverance!  We have already built the tools for you, this free Kansas DMV permit test cheat sheet 2020 is out there, now it's up to you to find a little time and dedication and nail the drivers permit test!