Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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A quick note before you get started - this is a self-evaluation tool that was designed for gauging your current skills, if you want to learn something new - please use a regular Kansas driving practice test, they are better suited to the task and will allow you to prepare in the least amount of time possible!  Don't bang your head against the wall just because this is the most massive and comprehensive exam - follow the suggested route to reach optimal results!

This self-evaluation tool was designed to help you pinpoint any traffic signs you may not know before you find yourself in front of the DMV computer.  You may think that road signs are not that important, and you would be wrong, making the mistake that has cost students more than one failed written DMV exam.  Road signs is probably the most important topic on the 2020 Kansas driving test as it contributes the most questions to the exam.  The "important things" everyone's so afraid of, such as traffic penalties or DUI restrictions, will be represented by no more than one or two questions on the knowledge exam, while road signs can easily account for a third of the entire permit test grade.  At the same time, Kansas permit test questions on road signs are extremely easy to learn, so why not use this opportunity to maximize your chances of passing the exam?

Your Kansas practice driving test follows the format similar to that of regular sample quizzes, but uses an entirely different approach to selecting questions for the exam.  Just like a regular DMV practice test, your road signs quiz has 20 questions, but here is the tricky part - these questions will change every time you take the exam!  A regular permit practice test has a fixed set of questions that is used over and over again, no matter how many times you take the exam. The order of questions can be shuffled, rotated, switched around, but they will still be the same questions.  This Kansas driving practice test utilizes a different approach - it is bound to the knowledge base with over 100 Kansas permit test answers on state road signs and it draws 20 random questions from this pool to provide you with a unique sample exam every time you sign in.  This way, there is no bias, you are not tempted to choose easy questions over their more complex counterparts, you get accurate results and your shortcomings are brought into the light so you can work on them! Due to the nature of this drivers license test, you will not receive any assistance throughout the exam, all study have been disabled and we discourage you from using any road sign study sheets or the official Kansas driving test study guide while working on the test.

Interpreting results for this Kansas drivers practice test is another point we wanted to cover real quick.  For most of the driving practice tests you see on the website, we recommend that you work on the test until you are able to score 90% on it and then move on to the next quiz.  This approach has been shown to work quite well and it saves you a lot of time, compared to the scenario when you would be trying to nail every question on the test.  However, we believe that this is exactly what needs to be done when you work on any Kansas drivers license practice test that involves road signs, they are just that important and you should not quit until you cover all of them!  It doesn't take much time, and you get the benefit of walking into the DMV office, knowing that you can answer a third of all questions without even having to think them over! 

If you have a question about your learners permit test or got a road sign to suggest for this free Kansas driving practice test 2020, don't hesitate to voice it in the comment box on this page and we'll be happy to help you!  Enjoy the exam and good luck at the DMV!