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Kudos on completing the first drivers license practice test for Kansas and let us welcome you to round two - another great practice quiz with even more free permit test questions and answers!  Now, if you just arrived to this page, without doing the previous quiz, please do us a favor and complete that practice test first.  Practice permit tests are arranged in the order of difficulty and you will receive significantly more benefit if you follow that order.  Everyone else, welcome to this free Kansas permit practice test, let's hit it!

Our practice permit test is extremely easy to use and we don't believe you will have any troubles figuring it out.  Every time you log onto the page, you get 20 permit test question on road signs and road rules.  All questions are multiple choice, all questions have four possible answers.  Mind you, only one of those answers if correct, and even though it may seem as if more than one answer fits from time to time, always go for the one that is most thorough and complete.   Immediate feedback is one of the trademarks of this online Kansas practice permit test and you do not have to finish the whole exam to find out where you went wrong!  Should you make a mistake, we alert you to this fact immediately, so you can correct yourself and memorize the right answer as well!   Note that the correct answer will be highlighter in green right alongside the one you have chosen, which is highlighted in red.  But way, it does get better!  Not only will we mark the right answer for you, but we will also display a detailed explanation for the rule that is being discussed in this particular question!  These explanations are based on the official Kansas drivers handbook and they provide tremendous value, you can save hours on researching the topic through the book!  So don't be lazy and make sure you read each and every one of these explanations before you proceed to the next question!  Remember, this free practice permit test is not timed and you can take as long as you need working through every driving rules or road sign!

If you have taken online permit practice tests on other websites, you might have gotten used to having to choose a random answer whenever you cannot answer a question off the top of your head.  Time to get rid of this nasty habit!  Our free Kansas permit practice test has a number of integrated study aids that will help you tackle any drivers permit test question out there!  If you ever find yourself stuck, just refer to the self-help section!  Clicking on the HINT button will bring up a useful clue that will provide you with more information on the topic that is being discussed, without actually giving the answer away.  Still nothing?  Try the 50/50 button!  The 50/50 option removes two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with the remaining two options.  You know that one of them must be correct and you have a 50% chance of guessing it right even if you don't know the right answer!  Don't hesitate to play around with these options whenever you need a little extra help!

How long should you work on this 2020 practice permit test for Kansas, how do you know that you have learned everything there is to learn and that it is time to move on to the next challenge?  Well, learning EVERYTHING means being able to answer each and every permit test question on the practice quiz without calling upon assistance from study aids.  However, that may be a bit of an overkill for most students.  It is our recommendation that you keep studying until you can answer at least 18 of these sample knowledge test questions correctly.  Once you reach this level, take a short break and move on to the next Kansas practice permit test we have prepared for you!  Remember, we have hundreds of permit test questions and answers on road rules and road signs just waiting for you!

If you spent sufficient time working on this free Kansas permit practice test 2020 and other sample questions, there is simply no way for you to fail!  Good luck at the DMV, come back to the site and brag about your victory once you get your license!