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Have you had trouble figuring out which endorsements you’ll need for a Class B commercial learners permit? There is so much conflicting information on the internet that it’s easy to get lost and not know which way to turn! Fortunately, we can give you all the information you need for your DMV permit test and provide an approved Class B license Iowa practice test to prepare you for the exam! A Class B license is a desirable choice for many commercial learner drivers, as it qualifies you to drive medium-sized commercial vehicles such as box-trucks and school buses, opening the door to a wide variety of different driving careers. Passing the Iowa DOT test for a Class B license also allows you to drive any smaller vehicles which fit into the Class C category, as these vehicles are considered less challenging to drive. For a Class B license you will also need to obtain an Air Brake endorsement after the DMV permit test in Iowa; you may choose other endorsement qualifications too, but none of the others are mandatory.

When you’re applying for a commercial driving license, the general knowledge Iowa DOT written test for 2020 should be your first concern. Our CDL Class B practice test for Iowa focuses solely on the general knowledge exam and is suitable for learner drivers from Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and all other parts of the state. This is because the Iowa DMV permit test follows the same criteria and format state-wide, so you do not need to worry about trying to find a city-specific DMV permit practice test – phew! You may also be pleased to find out that the CDL general knowledge test itself is the same for Class C, Class B and Class A commercial driving students. How can this be? Because this exam only assesses your knowledge of material than applies to every vehicle and driving situation, whether you’re hoping to drive a school bus or a tank truck. So, while this is indeed a Class B practice test for Iowa, it is also an appropriate study aid for aspiring Class C and Class A drivers!

This might seem a little odd at first, but think about it: issues such as basic vehicle control, shifting gears, road signs and emergency procedures are relevant to every commercial driver, regardless of the size and weight of their vehicle. These topics and many others appear on the general knowledge exam and this Iowa DOT CDL practice test for 2020. The only other resource you’ll need to prepare you for the exam is the DMV booklet, which covers all the essential topics in detail. Every commercial learner driver needs to read this study guide at least once! Luckily, you can download it free of charge from the DOT website, for easy access on your laptop or tablet.

The real general knowledge test contains 50 DMV test questions, whereas this DOT practice permit test for Iowa contains just 20. It is the ideal starting point for new students! When you become more confident and can consistently score above the 80 percent passing grade using this quiz, you might want to try a more extensive learners permit practice test, like our DMV cheat sheet. This quiz and the cheat sheet both contain useful images and helpful support tools to enhance your learning, but the cheat sheet is the same length as the real permit test.

If you’ve got five minutes spare, why not have a go at this DMV CDL practice test for Iowa now?