Are you trying to figure out what the best way to prepare for your commercial driving license DMV test for 2021 is? If you’re sitting your exam in Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids or anywhere else in the state, follow our advice and you won’t go far wrong! The first task on your test-preparation list should be getting a copy of the Iowa driver’s manual for CDL students; when it comes to sourcing accurate DOT permit test information, this book will be your greatest asset by far. This does not mean that no other study aid is worth your time! Once you have begun to familiarize yourself with the contents of the Iowa drivers manual it would be wise to factor a good-quality DMV practice permit test into your study plan, so you can gauge your progress. While quizzes of this nature are useful, they cannot provide you with a sufficient level of detail on Iowa DOT test topics on their own. To get the best results you should use the CDL drivers manual and a CDL practice test for Iowa, side by side.

There are several types of DMV written test for 2021 linked to the commercial driving licenses. Fortunately, all the material you require for each of these exams can be found in the Iowa drivers handbook, so you will not have to worry about juggling multiple study guides on your journey to becoming full-qualified. That being said, it is important to figure out which test topics will appear on your particular permit test DOT exam before you begin using your Iowa permit test study guide. That way you can open your DMV manual knowing precisely which chapters you need to study and which you can disregard for the time being.

We should point out straight away that there is some material in the Iowa driver manual which all commercial driving students can ignore. These sections are set aside for useful, administrative information that will assist you in your interactions with the Department of Transportation. Details pertaining to document requirements, insurance guidance, license renewals and applications for non-residents are all included in your CDL DMV drivers manual. While it is useful to have this information in one easily accessible place, do not make the mistake of thinking you need to memorize it for your DOT permit test – it will be time wasted!

So, what should you be studying? If you are a new student applying to take the 50-question CDL general knowledge permit test in Iowa, you should spend your time revising material which is applicable to all commercial drivers, vehicles and driving situations. This information includes basic vehicle control, vehicle inspection, rules of the road and road sign meanings. Those people looking to add extra qualifications to an existing commercial driving license can skip past the general knowledge material and exclusively revise for their endorsement; you should be able to find these details easily as HazMat, School Bus, Tanker Vehicles, Air Brake and all the other license endorsements have their own, dedicated chapter in the Iowa drivers license manual!

If you want to check your progress with the drivers book and make sure you’re studying the correct material for your Iowa permit test, you can do so using a DOT permit practice test from our website. On, we pride ourselves in using genuine DMV test questions for every permit test practice quiz we design! You will find at least one test for every commercial driving license exam and they are all free to use.

Eager to get started? Go get your free copy of the 2021 Iowa driving manual from the DMV website!

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