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"Have I done enough?", "Should I study some more?", "Am I going to pass at the BMV?" - these are the questions that plague anyone who is about to take the Indiana motorcycle drivers permit test for the first time in their lives.  Good questions, one and all, but is there any point to stress over them?  With our free Indiana motorcycle permit test Simulator - there isn't!  The Simulator was designed to show you exactly where you stand right now, help you pinpoint any traffic rule you might have missed during your previous study sessions and allow you to decide when to schedule that appointment for the learners permit test.  While you are more than welcome to use this BMV motorcycle test Simulator any way you like, it has been designed as a self-assessment tool and as such, it has its pros and cons.   Here is how you can get the most out of your learner's permit test Simulator and guarantee yourself an easy pass at the BMV.

If you have just arrived to the website and have not done any studying yet, you're in a great position to do everything the right way.  Keep the motorcycle drivers manual closed, put aside any permit test study sheets you may have prepared, make sure you won't be distracted for the next half an hour.  Start working on the Simulator and go through all 25 questions Don't worry if you see that you are making too many mistakes and complete the entire test, do not quit in the middle of the exam just because you found some BMV questions to be too hard or too easy.  Once you complete the entire motorcycle permit practice test, your final score will tell you what to do next and here is how you can interpret it. 

Those who have managed to score over 90% the first time you took the exam - we applaud you!  This is an amazing result, not many people achieve it and we believe that you have an extremely high chance of passing the real BMV motorcycle permit test the first time you take it!  You should still go over the Simulator a few more times, just to make sure that the first grade wasn't a fluke, though!

A grade that falls between 80% and 90% is quite good too and it shows that you have good understanding of general driving rules and traffic signs.   However, in order to guarantee that you pass the Indiana motorcycle permit test the first time you take it, you will need to invest a little more time into studying and polishing the things you may have missed before.  We suggest that you switch to using our free Indiana motorcycle permit test cheat sheet to achieve progress as quickly as possible!  The BMV cheat sheet is extremely similar to this permit test Simulator, it follows the same format and features the same set of questions, yet it still offers you access to study aids to help you with difficult problems!  Once you improve your grades with the help of the cheat sheet, come back the Simulator and try your luck again!

Those who have not hit the 80% bar - don't beat yourself up too much, it is quite normal, especially if you have not done any studying before.  We believe that the best way to get to the top as quickly as possible is to start from the very beginning, the first Indiana motorcycle permit practice test you see in the lineup, then work your way back up towards the Simulator.  All motorcycle practice permit tests on the website are arranged in the order of rising difficulty, so the pressure will always match your skill level!  You will be back to using the 2019 motorcycle permit test Simulator in no time!

Don't (and we really want to stress this point!) keep on beating yourself against this online Indiana permit test Simulator 2019 if your score is 70% or lower as you will be simply wasting your time!  Make sure you cover the basics first and work on the Indiana motorcycle learners permit test Simulator once you attain a high degree of competence only!