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Are you thinking of applying to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles for your commercial driving learners permit? You first mission will be to prepare for and pass the Delaware CDL general knowledge test for 2020. There is a lot of material to cover in the run up to that exam, but we can help you get through it. Welcome to the home of Delaware’s best free CDL practice tests! All the study resources you’ll need to support your learning from the Delaware CDL general knowledge study guide can be found right here on this website.

If you’re just starting out, you might not yet have heard about the study guide – so let us get you up to speed! That manual can be obtained free of charge from the DMV website via PDF download, for easy reading on your tablet or laptop. We’ve got some excellent study tools here, but you will need to use them alongside the CDL general knowledge study guide as it contains a complete, detailed run-down of everything you will need to know for the DMV general knowledge test. In order to get your commercial driving learners permit you will have to prove you know enough about basic vehicle operation, road signs, road laws, safety procedures and other regulations which are specific to commercial driving. Then you will be able to start taking driving lessons.

Don’t be disheartened if reading isn’t exactly your bag, the DMV CDL practice test for Delaware on this page will make studying much more fun, while helping you to learn faster. With the help of a good quality learners permit practice test like ours, you’ll be on the road in no time! All you need to do is get your copy of the study guide and start reading. Every time you feel your concentration waning or you need a break, you can use that time to complete our Delaware DMV practice test for 2020. It will present you with 20, fixed CDL general knowledge questions and answers for the 2020 exam, which will simultaneously deepen your understanding of the material you’re studying, while making sure you retain it.

You might already be aware that the real CDL general knowledge Delaware exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions, and takes around 20 minutes to complete. We’ve made our Delaware CDL practice test with less than half that number of questions, so that you don’t have to worry about finding loads of time to work on it. This user friendly, beginner-level quiz can be completed by most students in a little under five minutes! As we mentioned at the top of this page, there are multiple CDL practice quizzes on our website. If you’re sat down of an evening and have enough time to complete a longer DMV practice permit test for Delaware in peace, you can have a go at our CDL general knowledge cheat sheet, which contains the full 50 permit test questions.

Whether you’re from Wilmington, Newark, Dover or Lewes, this is the right Delaware CDL general knowledge practice test for you. There is no variation in the content of the exam across the state. You might also be pleased to hear that it is the same for all aspiring commercial drivers, whether you end up wanting a Class C, Class B or Class A commercial driving license! Even if you have no idea at this stage what kind of vehicle you want to drive, you can still use our free DMV general knowledge practice test to get ready for your first exam. Try it now and see if you can score close to the 80 percent pass-mark!