Driver’s license applicants based in Delaware can use the information and learning resources on this page, to get ready for the 2022 DMV written test. Before you can fasten yourself into the driver’s seat and start working on your practical skills, you must pass the Delaware permit test to prove your familiarity with road signs, pavement markings and rules of the road. Every scrap of information you could need during this assessment can be found in our free driver’s education course and the Delaware DMV handbook. Both these resources are available here on, alongside some fantastic, free DMV written practice test quizzes!

Taking the general knowledge permit test in Newark, Dover, Wilmington or elsewhere in Delaware means that you will only need to answer 25 DMV test questions. As far as DMV permit tests around the United States go, Delaware’s is one of the shortest. However, this does not mean that the exam is any easier to pass than any other state’s theory knowledge permit test. The pool of road rule and road signs questions supplying the DMV written test is roughly the same in every state. To make sure you are ready for any question the randomized assessment can bring up, you will need to study every road rule, pavement marking and road sign thoroughly. No cutting corners if you hope to earn that learner’s permit first time around! Fortunately, our study aids will make revising for the permit test a stress-free and all-round enjoyable experience.

Completing our free driver’s education course is a great way to get your preparation for the permit test DMV exam off to a flying start. This course is designed to be your one-stop solution to driver’s ed; it contains everything you will need to know about road rules and road signs for the permit test, as well as practical guidance to help you study for the final road skills exam. Most importantly, the drivers ed course introduces you to concept of driver responsibility and roadway risks. Driving will always be a dangerous activity but whether this danger results in collisions and crashes will depend on the decisions you make behind the wheel. We aim to help you achieve an unrestricted driver’s license but also, to make sure you can avoid roadway dangers and contribute to the overall safety of our Highway Transportation System. Some of the most important issues covered in this part of the Delaware drivers ed course, are roadway scanning techniques, defensive driving, driver attentiveness, impaired driving and managing complex environments. Immerse yourself in these topics as soon as you are ready to start driving! For now, focus on the “Rules of the Road” and “Signs, Signals & Markings” modules of the course, alongside the associated information in the DMV driver’s handbook.

No matter how prepared you are, taking any formal assessment is stressful. To make sure you have assimilated everything you are learning about rules of the road and road signs well-enough to answer permit test questions correctly, you should reserve a small portion of your study time to working on our free Delaware DMV practice tests. There are a range of different quizzes on offer, which vary quite considerably in challenge-level and content. Though, every DMV practice permit test we provide is guaranteed to contain realistic DMV test questions, just like those you will be expected to answer on the day of the actual assessment. Find out how much of a challenge the permit test will be, by trying out our 2022 practice permit test now!

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