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Looking for answers to the 2019 motorcycle permit test in Colorado? We've got them, but we are here to tell you that you don't really need the answers.  What you need is to learn the rules of the road, instead of trying to memorize answers to a bunch of DMV questions.  When you know the rules, it really does not matter how many questions are on the Colorado motorcycle permit test or how often the DMV changes them (and they do alter those questions from time to time, to discourage people from simply memorizing the answers) - know the rule allows you to answer any question the DMV can throw at you.  This is why our Colorado DMV motorcycle permit test cheat sheet is different from what you might have seen before.  If anything, it is more like a motorcycle practice permit test, but a practice test like no other!

Our free Colorado motorcycle test cheat sheet mirrors the real DMV exam and is, in fact, quite similar to the permit test Simulator you have already tried your wits against! The cheat sheet is a multiple choice quiz that presents you with 25 questions on traffic rules and road signs every time you take the exam.  The interesting part is that these questions will change whenever you reload the page and restart the exam.  Unlike regular motorcycle practice permit tests that work with the same set of questions, the cheat sheet is connected to a vast knowledge pool of over 200 sample DMV motorcycle permit test questions and answers and it exploits this connection to provide you with an infinite multitude of unique practice quizzes!  Every time you begin the exam, the DMV cheat sheet chooses 25 random questions from the knowledge base, randomizes the answers and a new Colorado motorcycle practice permit test is born!  This provides you with limitless study opportunities, you could spend hours working on the cheat sheet and you would never encounter the same test twice!

What makes the 2019 Colorado DMV motorcycle cheat sheet different from the permit test Simulator is the abundance of integrated study aids, designed to help you disentangle any difficult problem on the exam.  The Simulator is missing these study aids, since it's primarily a self-assessment tool and as such, it requires you to rely only on your skill and knowledge.  This motorcycle permit test cheat sheet is free of these restrictions and will help you get through any question you cannot resolve on your own.  Study aids come in two forms - as hints or a reduction of the available answers.  Hints are small snippets of information that guide you towards the right answer, never being a dead give-away.  Combining the information contained in the question with the hint  usually allows you to decipher the right answer.  If you have requested a hint, yet still cannot answer the question, you can click on the 50/50 button and have two incorrect answer stricken from the page immediately.  This leaves you with just two options to choose from and significantly increases your chances of passing the exam the first time!  Finally, don't forget about the Colorado motorcycle driver handbook, provided free of charge by the DMV itself! The state makes no secret of the fact that they use this manual while composing motorcycle permit test questions for the real exam.  In fact, the entire permit test is based on the information you can find in the book and nothing else!  This makes the manual an ideal "motorcycle permit test book", a complete comprehensive guide to passing the exam!  Keep the book by your side as you are working on the motorcycle DMV cheat sheet and cross-reference your answers against the manual!

If you have some permit test questions from an exam you've taken recently, don't hesitate to drop it into comments!  We will research the questions and add them to the free Colorado DMV motorcycle permit test cheat sheet 2019 with the next update!