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The variety of motorcycle permit test study tools available today is overwhelming - you've got motorcycle test study sheets, free practice permit tests, DMV cheat sheets, flashcards, the official permit test study guide provided by the DMV...  Most of these study aids do a decent job of helping you learn the rules of the road, but they don't usually answer the big question - are you ready for the real challenge, the official Colorado motorcycle permit test you take at the DMV?  Our drivers permit test Simulator was designed to help you assess your current skills, identify any traffic rules you may have missed and ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the trials you are about to face at your local DMV office.   Unlike regular motorcycle practice permit tests, the Simulator mimics the DMV written test to the smallest detail: it's got the same number of questions as the real test, a grading system that is identical to the one employed by the state and it covers the same range of driving rules and road signs. 

The online Colorado motorcycle permit test Simulator contains 25 multiple choice questions that encompass a wide range of road signs and traffic rules.  Drug and alcohol awareness laws, defensive driving techniques, fines and penalties, speed limits, traffic signals, pavements markings - we could go on and on forever, the Simulator is really one of the most extensive motorcycle practice permit tests out there and you can rest assured that all of the important permit test questions are included into this sample quiz.  Every question has three or four answers, but only one of the provided options is actually correct.  When you stumble upon a sample DMV question with a few answers that look similar, don't rush with choosing the first option that just seems right, take a moment to work through all of the provided options and choose the one you find best.  Rushing through the motorcycle drivers license test is one of the worst thing you can do, as you are bound to commit many otherwise avoidable errors.  Both the real motorcycle DMV written test and this practice permit quiz are not timed (you are expected to finish within 20-30 minutes, but seriously, how much time do you need to answer 25 questions?), so slow down, relax and don't go for the first answer that seems to fit just to get it over with.

You may be aware of the fact that the real Colorado motorcycle endorsement permit test is not an open book exam and you will not be able to use any outside materials while taking the test. This includes your smartphone, the motorcycle drivers manual or anything else you may have thought of bringing to the DMV office.  For the very same reason, our 2019 permit test Simulator does not contain any study aids.  The primary design of this tool is to serve as a self-assessment study aid and as such, it expects you to rely on what you have learned this far.  Don't try and cheat as the only person you end up cheating is yourself - complete the exam as best as you can, identify any potential weaknesses and use the final grade to determine your next steps!

The real motorcycle drivers permit test in Colorado requires you to answer no less than 20 questions correctly.  With this in mind, we recommend that you set the bar somewhat higher while working on this free Colorado motorcycle practice permit test and do your best to answer 23 or more questions correctly.  While it may seem like an overkill for some, it really is just a safety precaution, a reserve you are creating for your own confidence!  Those who are able to hit the target grade of 90% or more the first time you take the quiz - kudos, you're doing an amazing job and we can vouch for you being awarded with a permit on your first visit to the office!  You may want to take the sample quiz again just to make sure that your first grade wasn't a fluke, but that's about it!  For those whose score is between 80% and 90% - you're very close and just need one final push to get the ball into the net.  If you want to get there faster, we suggest that you switch to using our free Colorado permit test cheat sheet, a sample exam that is structured like the Simulator, yet offers access to helpful study aids and provides the best learning experience! If you cannot hit the 80% mark - you should start from the beginning, the first regular motorcycle practice permit test, and work your way back up to the Simulator!  All of our DMV practice tests are arranged in the order of gradually increasing difficulty, your skills will rise as you proceed up the ladder and you will be fully prepared for the challenge once you arrive at the Simulator!

Enjoy the Simulator and remember - practice makes perfect!  Study as often as you can and you will definitely pass your Colorado motorcycle permit test in 2019!